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  1. This bass is made by "Michael Rojas". I am thinking about purchasing this bass, but have never heard of Michael Rojas and cant find any information about him as a luthier.


    Any help you could give me would be great! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Starting to think that I have stumped you guys! LOL me too! I have no idea what it would even be worth. i.e. if I am paying to much for it at under 800.00 ... EMG pickups active.... It looks nice... Have not played yet... Going to go sit down with it and put it through its paces.... Just wish I knew more about the maker... or if it is even made by Michael Rojas. Thanks again for your help!
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    with custom jobbies you really need to spend some time with it to check over fit and finish and whatnot . Let us know how it goes . Cheers
  4. I have no knowledge of Mr. Rojas as a builder, so can't help directly. But I do know that most custom builders are very approachable, so you could contact Mr. Rojas directly, include the photo, and ask him if it was his build. If it was he will probably be able to provide a lot of information, not the least of which is the original price paid (or a ball-park figure). Good luck tracking things down.
  5. This is the problem.... I cant find him anywhere as a builder. I have googled the heck out of him. Also looked for that body style and headstock style... I cant seem to find anything. Have any ideas on how to find him?
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    Finding out more on Mr. Rojas might be a project, but if the bass is constructed well, plays well, sounds good, and is pleasing overall to you, the buyer, I think I would go for it. Nice looking bass! Good luck!
  7. Thanks Gordon! I am going to go check it out tomorrow. I hope it goes well.
  8. BUMP.... Cuz I am interested to see if anyone knows what this is....
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    I saw Michael Rojas bass for sale on Craigslist and googled to see if anyone heard anything about him or his basses. Since the photo in the CL ad is identical to the one posted here... guessing it wasn't that great? What was your verdict?
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    That bass may have been in the microwave a little too long, looks kinda melted.:smug: