Evilectric Uprights 420 pot leaf bass used at Seattle Hempfest

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  1. mjacks120


    Dec 3, 2011
    Austin Texas
    This is the third Evilectric bass I have built. I originally built this for a green cross in Tacoma Wa. They closed down and backed out but I finished it anyway. This one was used once at the hempfest in Seattle. I can put just about any artwork on the top without changing the sound. I was asked to do a pot leaf, no prob!! This one is going up for sale and I'm asking you all to price it for me. Here's a link to a pic of it being used at the hempfest


    It is full scale 41 3/4, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, walnut top and back, flame maple leaf, Eurosonic strings, hand made aluminum and ebony bridge and tail piece, Schaller upright pickup, hipshot tuners Theres a few more pics on my fb page of the 420 and another bass I recently built https://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000102982940
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    Oct 15, 2006
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    Your link's rather broken. I'm thinking you meant it to be this:


    The musician is playing...what? Pottesini's Concerto #2? Domenico Take-a-Dragonetti's Adagio and Rondo?

    Tuned to A 420hz?
  3. Ryker_M


    May 10, 2012
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    This is now my favorite post on this website. Thank you.

    Neat looking bass though.
  4. I thought it was actually gonna be a bass made from hemp resin! If Ford could make a car body from it, it can't be impossible. And should be done!
  5. Well played sir. You just couldn't hemp yourself could you?

    The bud in the pic turned over a new leaf, did a kid's show playing "Puff the Magic Dragonetti", and later passed out Tots' Hard Candy.

    Orrrrr... he's playing the "Devil Went Down On Georgia":
    "Jonny resin up your bowl and play your bullfiddle hard, 'cause hemp's legal in California if you've got a medical card
    If you play Seattle Hempfest, remember that when you roll
    Your Cali-card means nothing there and you could wind up in the hole."
  6. mjacks120


    Dec 3, 2011
    Austin Texas
    Unfortunately its not legal.. Definately not impossible!! I was going to make this out of hemp board but cant get it in the states for less than 400 bucks for a
    4x8 sheet....Really dumb