SOLD EWS Tri-Logic III preamp eq pedal

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    This is a great pre-amp. It's in excellent condition. This pedal has an excellent EQ, making it very versatile. There are many positive reviews of this model (3) here on the forum.
    15503447746038648910612720034285.jpg 15503447746038648910612720034285.jpg 15503448515475137695192326307998.jpg
    The Treble control provides ±15db and can be switched between 4KHz or 8KHz.

    The Mid control provides ±10db and can be swept between 250Hz to 3KHz (semi-parametric, fixed Q).

    The Bass control provides ±15db, switchable between 40Hz and 80Hz.

    The clean boost mode boosts a maximum of +18db and the high gain mode boosts up to +26db.

    The pedal will run on a standard 9v power adapter and double the voltage to 18v internally.

    PM or post any questions. Check out my feedback. I'll pack it well and ship it quickly. $115 including shipping in the continental US. Thanks for looking. PayPal or other forms of payment are ok with me.

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