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    Aug 19, 2013
    Hi i recently got my gibson thunderbird bass and i want to recording with a garage recording studio that i have but i want good quality is it enough if i buy an ampeg ba110 or something similar (like the acoustic b20 or any beginner or cheap bass around 100 to 300$)? i know that it wouldnt sound like a professional recording studio but what are the pros and cons of having an expensive instrument and cheap amp or vice versa?also i use a shure sm57 for recording and play with analog pedals thanks
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    I would invest in a decent interface and not worry about the amp. If you are only doing recording there is really no need to have an amp, plenty of players do not even use amps in studio.
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    But since you already have the Mic (if you didn't buy it, see above), go out and play those amps in-store with YOUR bass, and if they sound nice there's a very good chance they'll sound nice recorded.
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    In a contrary view, Martin Turner(Wishbone Ash T-Bird player) used a cheap amp that has seen better days while recording the "There's the Rub" album. The Eagles appear to have borrowed a LOT of WA's sound(except the bass, same producer) for the Hotel California stuff.

    We all use modelers in the studio and the engineer runs my Line Out an Avalon tube preamp.

    In your situation you might be best served by getting a decent DI box(i.e. Radial
    http://www.americanmusical.com/ItemSearch--search-Direct-Box--srcin-1 ) and use a cheap amp EQ'd for mids and highs(if you use them) with the mic. The DI will give you VERY NICE fundamental and the amp+SM57 will give you as much mids and highs(definition/clarity) as you want.
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    Aug 19, 2013
    Hi thanks for the answers im working with a focusrite scarlet 2i2 but i like the sound of a bass trought a bass amp, i recently play my bass trought a ampeg ba110 and a marshall mb15 but im gonna still searching after decide to buy one, i play with pedals like the mxr bass di i use this pedal as my di box but maybe i replace this pedal with a radial jdi di box and buy some nice cables to recording thanks for the advice