Expensive bass, cheap amp or expensive amp cheap bass.

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  1. A) More expensive bass

  2. B) More expensive amp an cable

  1. Hello, I want to start playing the bass and I have a budget of $850. With this budget, I am considering 2 options: A) Hofner Contemporary + Ibanez IBZ10B + A $3 cable. B) Hofner Ignition + Roland Micro Cube Bass RX + Planet Waves gold plated cable. Which choice do you recommend? An amp with batteries isn't very important to me, Its just a luxury that would be nice.

    BTW: Does any body know the difference between regular contemporary and a cavern contemporary.

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    Feb 21, 2011
    Any bass will only sound as good as the amp lets it.

    General rule of thumb: Good basses sound fair through a fair amp. Fair basses sound good through a good amp.
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    1. Solid, playable bass $250
    2. Amp that allows you to hear yourself $200?
    3. Lessons with a good teacher or quality self study materials $400

    And woodshedding is absolutely free!
  8. oh, I see thanks.
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    If I was going to spend $850 on a rig, it wouldn't look anything like those options.
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    Sorry...woodshedding is an old fashioned term for practice.

    If you really want to play, once you get set up spend your talkbass time in the technique and general instruction forums. There are a lot of great players on here who are generous with their time and advice.
  11. but I really like the beatle bass.
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    It's pretty loud, loud enough for practice.

    Buy the bass and skip the amp for now.
  13. Why is the cable with the amp?

    Either way you should have a decent cable.
  14. What about these amps, are they any good
    Harley Benton HBW-20
    Harley Benton HB-20B
    Artec Cubix B2
    Hartke B200
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    this may bring on the flames, but here's my take:
    get a starter pack, and pay the guy at the repair desk to make sure the bass is set up. under 300 and you're done for now. pick up some lessons if after a few weeks you're still wanting to play about everyday. all the while saving up the pennies for better stuff. anybody who has been playing for a while will admit to having gone through way more gear than they'd ever dreamt they were going to. save the big expensive purchases for when you KNOW the bass is your thang, and you need pro gear.
    when (if) it is your time, my opinion would be to spend the big bucks(or the larger portion) on a bass AND HARDSHELL CASE. you may spend decades trying to find "your sound" from myriad rigs, but once you put the right bass in your hands, you'll just know it's the one. TBH, mine wasn't even a high dollar one, and it's been my "only" one for 22 years (although I picked up a 5 string and played it for a couple of weeks, before putting it in its case, where it has been for two years now). you'll have combos. you'll have big and little heads. you'll have all kinds of cabs. GAS will happen. don't rush into anything. nothing matters if you don't learn to play first. get a starter kit. $0.02
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  16. Are you in Deutschland? (Fill out your profile)

    In your poll, the better cable is with the amp.
  17. The first bass I owned was a Hofner, the best thing I did for my playing and enjoyment was to trade it off + cash for a pre CBS Jazz. Buy an instrument to PLAY not look at.
  18. Anyone?
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    You can buy an SX or Squire Jag for under $200 and spend the rest on the rig.

    For example:

    Squire Jag - $200 including tax (probably cheaper than that)
    Setup for the bass by a pro - $50 (could be more?). This is essential for any bass, especially a cheapo. It will be way easier to play.
    GK 800rb - $300 used or less
    Bag End S15D - $300 used or less

    Lots of choices out there so dont limit yourself to these suggestions, but that would cost you $850 and you'd have a great sounding AND giggable rig.