Experienced bass guitarist, new to upright bass

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    Jul 2, 2017

    I've been playing bass guitar for around ~8 years or so, I've studied in a musical academy and I currently major in arts research, with focus on music. A lot of my life revolves around music and I'd call myself pretty knowledgeable, but I've recently started playing the upright bass and I'm new here on the forums since I thought this might be a great place to find some advice every now and then regarding upright in particular. When I get used to the forum layout and such, I might even try to help people down at the electric bass side.

    But since I still don't really know the layout of the forums and where threads belong and such, let me ask a quick question about the upright bass here: I don't have a stand for the upright bass yet, so what is the best way to store it when I'm not playing it or not at home? I don't want to prop it up against anything since it tips over very easily, obviously, and I don't have a hard case to protect it, just a soft bag. Currently I'm keeping it laying down on it's side on the floor, since the back is curved I guess it's not the best idea to lay it on it's back. Is this detrimental to the long term health of the bass? I guess I should get a good stand as soon as I can, but while I'm looking for used deals on those is it OK to keep it on it's side? Thank you for your help!
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    I keep mine in a corner of my room with the front facing the corner. It can't really fall over that way. Make sure that the end pin won't slip on the floor. If the room is carpeted that is most secure.

    Laying it on its side or back is fine. I've transported my old basses on their back for many years with no problems. Back is ideal in that it can't fall at all.
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  3. Always wanted a double bass, but, my hobby budget will not let me. If I had one I'd go with the double bass stand. It's another $80 +/-.

    FWIW, I've seen them on their side and no one seemed shocked to see them this way.
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    Jul 2, 2017
    Thank you for the replies! I'd like to get a stand just so it would take less space and look neater but for the time being I don't have one, so I just want to make sure I'm not harming the instrument. I'll keep it on it's side on the carpet for now I guess.
  5. On carpet, perfect. On hard floors you can attach little rubber pads to protect it.

    Mine is facing into the corner of my room, End pin on carpet. I like the Hercules stand, suits me well as my end pin only comes out 5" (I won't need to retract it when on the stand).
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    On its side is fine.
    On the side is fine. Be careful to roll the bass down rather than dragging it the the resting position. And roll it back up to the playing position. Also, position the bass so that the bridge does not face stage front. You never know when someone will walk too close and hit the bridge. Also, watch the location of your endpin when the bass is down. Hard to see and easy to trip over.

    Never lay the bass on its back. If someone were to lean on the bass in that position they could literally drive the sound post through the top.
  7. This link doesn't address your question, but has a lot of other useful information for making the leap to double bass:

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