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    Mar 7, 2018
    Hey all, recently while doing a kit built bass with a floating bridge i decided to experiment and see if i could come up with something more adjustable...has anybody here tried something like this? I've seen fixed single saddles but never floating ones before. They've been on the bass a day so far, are very stable and intonate perfectly. Also with steel bolts and washers they have 3x the mass of the original bridge and to my ears make a difference unplugged but I may be biased.

    Does this seem appealing or are there obvious flaws I'm just missing? 1526678878058.jpg
    20180518_172419.jpg 20180506_193748.jpg

    These are "prototypes" and are a bit sloppy workmanship wise... my apologies
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  2. I like the idea. You might use brass or stainless threaded inserts instead of a nut in the wood. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that the individual pieces seem a little tall so you’d need a decent angle on the neck to body joint but that may be able to be addressed. Your pictures appear to be of a semi-hollowbody so I’m guessing they’re replacing the bass version of a floating archtop type tune-o-matic and, for that application, it’s a great idea.

    If those bridges turn up on one of my basses, I never saw this thread!:cool:
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  3. Very interesting idea, I might lift that idea as well. I imagine the bottoms need to be fairly wide for stability, but the top could be trimmed up a bit, they look a bit blocky. I like piezos on hollow bodies to add a little acoustic tone, that would take some engineering, I'll have to think about that.
  4. Yes, i think if you use a threaded insert instead of a nut in the top part it could be trimmed or tapered down, especially if a guy has a lathe.