Exploding speaker cone- Amp or cab?

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  1. After a number of successful summer shows we hunkered down yesterday for a fresh jam. What came out of my speaker was the most frightening sound ever. A loud crackling, spitting DC distortion when ever I peaked out; not that loud, really. My Mesa EV loaded 1x15RR cab is awful durable and has never made this noise before.....I play heavy "free dub" and push quite a bit of bottom in the 30 hz range. So....is it my cab? Have I finally blown it? It worked fine at last weeks show. Is it my Mesa M-2000? have I blown some component or has a tube come loose or something? how do I tell? Don't blown speakers kind of "fart" or something? This was a real spattering, crackling electrical voltage straight outta the wall type sound! Very loud. What have I done!!???
  2. MikeyD

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    Sep 9, 2000
    Sounds more like a momentary intermittent problem with your instrument cord(s) or jacks. I've heard what you describe when these hookups lose contact under very high gain conditions.

    Try the rig out at very low volume and gradually increase the volume, while you listen for symptoms of any damaged or degraded components. If it sounds normal, then you probably didn't have any damage.
    - Mike
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    Sep 5, 2001
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    Could be a "cold" solder joint. I've experienced that before.....nasty business
  4. Try the easy stuff first. That'd be the jack/cord. Cords are easy to test out, just try another one. Then look at the jack. Had that prob on my Hartke 3500. Just took 15 minutes and a 15Watt soldering iron to fix. Good as new.
  5. Thanks for your responses guys....
    The problem seemed to happen at a relatively low volume. It happens mostly if i play through my fuzz box or EV filter both of which I use to move low freq. air rather than create distortion or wah-funky tones. Being the dub guy that I am it's all about moving air. It didn't matter if I was playing loudly or no. All I can think is that maybe something has come loose in my head; cold solder joint? Loose tube? I don't think a cab would make a sound like that if it was blown. I replaced all my cords and plugged directly into the head and it still happened. It is that same sound that happens when a cord loses contact. Cabs wouldn't make that sound, correct?
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    May 11, 2001
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    Usually Correct. That sounds very much like a problem before or in or the gain stage. Sounds a lot like a jack that's bad. try looking for intermittent shorts (wiggle the cord) at the bass output jack, amo input jack...any fx jacks...

    Then go to e tech center.
  7. The other guys' comments about loose connections inside the head or with dodgy leads sounds a pretty fair bet.

    Cabs don't make the type of sounds you're getting. Off centre speakers is about the nearest thing but even that's not close. And unless the cab's been stored in really high humidity etc that's not really an issue either.

    Yep. On the face of it, the heads developed a fault.

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    Jun 25, 2001
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    Sounds like an amp input jack to me, after checking all of your jacks try the setup with a different cab if it still does it then you have your answer its not the cab. I have had that happen to a hartke also it was the input jack and easy enough to fix good luck.
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    May 1, 2001
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    For what it's worth, that cab is probably not the best thing to use for reggae or dub,esp. with a M-2000! It's an older design and both cab and speaker predate the 5 string. The box itself is tuned to 42 Hz, and if you've been following bgavin, the speaker cone is unloaded by air below that frequency and can easily be damaged. At first, that's what I thought had happened to you, but hopefully it is a cord or jack. But maybe not

    If I were you I'd be looking for an Eden or Mesa or Bag End 1x18... :)