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Exporting a bass from USA

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by robsmirc, May 8, 2003.

  1. I'm considering importing a Spector euro bass from the USA to Australia.

    Does anyone have any know of any problems i'll encounter as far as fees and taxes in the US?

    Any suggestions to keep the costs down while also preventing damage while in shipping?

    Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Welcome to Talkbass!

    Well, I've just imported a bass from the US to the UK.

    You won't pay any purchase tax in the US as far as I know. You will no doubt pay and import duty coming in to Australia and whatever you equivalent of VAT is.

    I had to pay an import duty of 3.7% of the total value of the cost of the item plus the shipping fee. Once that sub total was calculated, you then paid another 17.5% (VAT) on top of that.

    You'll probably find a governemtn department that will help you calculate the customs and excise fees - the folks I spoke to in the UK were very helpful in giving me an idea of how much it was going to cost!

    Oh, you have PM!

    Remember, the taxes are paid on the declared value of the item!!!
  3. PICK


    Jan 27, 2002
    Sydney, Australia
    I dont know why you want to export a Spector Euro bass from the US to Australia when they are available in Australia. Venue Music in Sydney had them in stock the last time i was in there.
  4. Its a gift from someone in the states. i was thinking it might be cheaper in the long run anyway.
    Do you think it would be better to get the money wired and purchase the bass here?
    Oh yeah i forgot to mention that im left handed an am unaware of any of these basses in australia that are left-handed
  5. PICK


    Jan 27, 2002
    Sydney, Australia
    IIRC they run at about $3500 aus. Im sure you could order a left handed one but it might cost more. How much is it costing in US$????

  6. I guess it's something you'll have to work out with the help of the customs folks! If I remember correctly, there's a 15% surcharge for left handed basses from Spector!

    I guess importing it should be cheaper in the long run, as there is one less middle man to pay - unless that middle man has a big disoucnt due to the bulk that he's buying in!

    The other issue is if there are any warranty problems - your warranty will be through the supplier in the US! You'd need to weigh up the pros and cons (and costs) to see where the money would be better spent, in the US or Australia!
  7. the person buying it hasn't got around to pricing them in shops yet, but the price on the spectorbass website with the %15 extra charge for lefty (damn my curse), is US$2528.85...
    Hmm seems as though it maybe cheaper to purchase it here.
    Then again if he finds one in a shop that has been sitting a while, maybe he won't have to pay the surcharge, and get a discount. Never know what you can get when you talk the salesman talk like he can.
  8. PICK


    Jan 27, 2002
    Sydney, Australia
    Thats one hell of a gift.
  9. As a small aside, what's the longest anyone's had to wait to have a bass delivered from the States via the USPS? (I'm in the UK, by the way...) I won a nice Groove Tools 5-string on Ebay, and the guy I won it from sent it over to me (via USPS) nearly 6 weeks ago, and still no sign.

    I think it might be time for him to look into his insurance...

    Russ :bassist:

  10. Erm, mine took 6 days from Buffalo - but that was with an Eatsre weekend thrown in and me not being in the first day they tried to deliver it, so 5 really!

    That was sent by US Express Mail!

  11. I wouldn't imagine any shop ordering in a couple of Lefty Spectors in the off chance that some lefty's will come looking for Spectors!! However, I suppose it is true that stranger things have happened!

    Good luck in your quest for a left handed Spector!:)
  12. MatW


    May 10, 2000
    UK, Swindon
    Like Johnny, I also imported a bass from the States and I was delighted with the service. Mine took 4 days to arrive and that includes a weekend :eek:

    I'm sure this was just one of those occasions where I got lucky, but I'd be very confident about buying from the US again.
  13. I imported a bass into Australia from the USA a few months ago. The additional costs included import duty, freight, insurance and GST. The delivery took about 10 days via UPS including 3 days in customs.

    UPS handled all of the shipping costs and government charges. They charge the sender for the freight and insurance and charge the receiver for the import duty and GST.

    As an indication of total costs, the purchase price of the bass was US$810 which ended up costing me around AU$2100.

    Most of the costs are based on the declared value of the item. So a lower declared value will mean lower costs etc.

    Follow the link below and then select import/export, importing goods, general imports, duty rates. This will give you the costs calculations for importing into Australia. Guitars are 5% duty.

    Australian Customs Service

    Good luck, Max

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