Exposed Pole MM Pickup Passive Pot and Capacitor Suggestions

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  1. I have a Fernandes Atlas X that has a exposed pole Musicman style pickup, volume, tone, and three way switch for series/parallel/single coil. I ordered a GFS MM Pro Plus Anico 5 pickup 8.3K output to try out. Currently I feel the tone pot barely does anything very little treble bleed. I haven't pulled it apart yet, but I am assuming it has a ceramic pickup, and a 500K pot. I am wondering what you all would do, just swap the pickup and use stock pots and capictors, or what size volume and tone pots and capicitor would you go with the GFS pickup? I realize a MM style pickup and placement give lots of treble, but this is the first bass I ever played that seemed to do almost nothing when adjusting the tone pot. And I hear 250 for single coils and 500 for humbuckers, but not sure where a Musicman pickup fits in that description with those big old exposed poles.
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    May 2, 2013
    Hey, I was glad to see this post, my Fernandes Atlas is exactly the same, the tone pot does nothing. I've already swapped out the original capacitor for a Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor but made no difference. I really like the woolly motown sound having an effective tone pot can give you. Shame, I'm looking into getting it fixed, can anyone suggest anything?
  3. I have since sold off the Atlas, but did enjoy it much more after the GFS pickup. I should of tried a 250K pot also. I kind of threw in the towel and realized I am not bridge pickup bass guy. I should of bought the Fernandes Tremor instead of the Atlas. But the GFS alnico helped a bunch.