Expression pedal with the OnkartGromt Grombass v2 or a seperate pedal for HR distortion??

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  1. Isis2


    Jan 18, 2019

    I'm going to purchase the OnkartGromt Grombass v2. I like how it doesn't distort a range of the lower frequencies therefore retaining a fuller bass sound. However there are some phrases a higher frequency distortion would suit better by sounding more piercing than the smoother sound of the Grombass.

    That's why I'm curious if an expression pedal which controls the gain on the Grombass would do the job? I'm new to expression pedals and CV so I don't exactly know what that would do.
    This is what the website says where the gain controls are "
    “Turbo” is the gain on the input.
    “Gear” is a tone controller that controls the gain of the lower frequencies."
    There are no videos with an expression pedal from the demos I've heard and it doesn't perform the higher range that I'm after with the given controls.

    My other ideas would be to use an equalizer in combination with the Grombass.
    Or a different distortion pedal. And maybe combine it with this
    FLEXeFX Mixer (if I understand this pedal correctly) by blending the two together on the fly when the phrases in the song come up. That way it wouldn't be as noticeable a change in sound if I just hit the equalizer or turned on a different distortion.
    OkartGromt also offer a Turbo Tore parametric EQ so I'm not sure if this would work in combination with what I hope to do?

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