Extending Pickup Wires

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  1. I recently bought a set of used pickups, but the wires are too short to be connected in the way I'd like. Is there a way to extend the wires?

    I was thinking I could go out and buy some wire and tape it together.. Would that work?

  2. Thump Jr.

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    Tape seems (to me) to be kinda sketchy as a choice . . . I'd go with either soldering or using wire connectors crimped on. I'm no electrician, though. Tape just seems like it'd loosen and be unreliable. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can help?
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    Jun 24, 2008
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    First, make sure the extra wire is the same guage or heavier wire than the pick-up wire. I personally twist the two wires together, solder the two wires, and then tape them together. That way, the twist makes a connection, which helps relieve stress on the solder joint which also acts as a glue that helps hold the wires, and the tape is just another way of keeper that connection. But thats what I would do. Any other suggestions could be helpful. :ninja:
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    Good advice.

    If you are uncomfortable with a soldering iron, crimp the two ends together


    or at least use a wire nut.



  5. Alright great!..

    Does anybody know the gauge of EMG wire? or could point me in the direction of where I could find it out. I couldn't find anything on their website
  6. EMG? Especially if you have the ACTIVE models (non HZ), extending the wires could be problematic, since EMG wraps a SHIELDING/GROUNG wire around the hot wire - if THAT bare wire (braided around the insulated HOT) does not also get extended, buzz city.

    If your EMGs use the quick connect attached wires, simply order new ones from EMG and ou should be fine.

  7. Thanks for the reply!

    When I bought them I was expecting the pickups to have the quick connect feature. They do not, I guess they must be an older model.

    Would this be worth taking to a pro shop to do? Or could they not do anything about it either?