External cabinet for ibanez soundwave 100w

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  1. Raitis Neitals

    Raitis Neitals

    Apr 30, 2018

    I want to upgrade my old gigging amp with external cabinet.

    Can you advise me what would be optimal external cabinet specs for ibanez soundwave 100w bass amp?

    In the manual it says that:
    1. In addition to the SW100’s internal speaker, you can connect an extension speaker that has an impedance of 8 ohms and power-handling input capacity of 100W or greater.
    2. OUTPUT POWER:100W @8Ω :145W @4Ω

    I am not sure how to understand these two things:
    a) "100w" or greater - by how much greater it would be OK for amp like this? What will happen if i add cabinet able to handle 400w @ 8 ohms and more?
    b) POWER HANDLING :300W (600W PEAK) - how this goes together with 100W @8Ω :145W @4Ω?

    Wish you all great weekend out there gigging! :)
  2. a) Pick anything 100 or greater. It won’t matter how much greater it is.
    It can be 1000 or 10,000 and it won’t matter.
    b) If the speaker is rated to handle up to 300 or 400 watts, or whatever it is rated to handle, it will be fine as long as it is greater than 100. Do not let the amp give the speaker more than what it is rated to handle.
    b.2) Since the amp will put out 145 watts total with both speakers connected. And since both speakers are the same impedance (8 Ohms each) each speaker will get half the power from the amp. 145/2 = 72.5 watts per speaker. That is well below the power rating of the extension speaker you mentioned.
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  3. Ibanez Promethean P115C 300W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet will look the best.

    Just shop around for a 1x15" cabinet that's 8 ohms.
    Most any of them out there, new or used, will handle more than enough power.
    A vertical 2x15" rig is hard to beat for most uses.

    You don't need another tweeter, especially down by your knees.
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