External preamps. Let's make a list with links.

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  1. I'll start.

    WTDI Pedal | EDEN Amplification

    I have and like the Eden WTDI. The TMB eq is active and quite powerful, the enhance and comp controls do what you'd expect. The gain and master knobs allow a lot of volume but can overpower an interface or overdrive your amp unintentionally. It is a little noisy and the power supply is a weird 15V which is probably really hard to replace.
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    I have 2 on my board, the SansAmp is my clean pre/DI. I've got the V2 (like what is in the link), the mids control addition on the V2 made this pedal absolutely perfect for me...some say there are better out there, but my BDDI is going nowhere.
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    The other is my Providence BDI-1, though it can be a clean pre/DI, I use mine as a overdrive with a nice EQ.
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  3. Good topic, I have collected a bunch of preamps over the years to get different tones live and for recording. Some of them are enhancers of the bass and some have a amp character which I then add effects or a DI to. Since I have several DI pedals to choose from I don't necessarily need it to include a DI.

    [sfx]AY2 is a take on the Yamaha NE1 that is a single band parametric filter this adds a third mode, bypass switch and power jack. A perfect solution for getting a modern bass to get a vintage curve as well as a broad tone shaping tool. Custom order and also available in a mini size box and custom configurations, would be a deadly tool paired with a mThumpinator.

    Boss GE7B cleanish 7 band EQ with just the right bands for classic tones, I cannot count the sessions I did using this EQ and a DI. Available used.

    Alembic Distillate tone stack in a box is a one off I put together from a repair I did for a customer years ago when working for an Alembic dealer, the original circuit had a faulty part and needed to be replaced. My tech was able to repair and install it in a box for me.

    Music Electronics (Zeibek) Submarine this old beast has seen a lot of action, intended to be a warm tone shaper reportedly based on the gain stage of the Mesa Boogie D180 with a fairly broad range EQ stack. Clean but warm, just slightly compressed and sits very nicely in a track. This has been a mainstay for my recording sessions bumping the GE7B. Not currently available but there are several builders of a clone.

    Southampton Ictineo is based on the Designer Submarine with an enhanced tone section, my new go to tool for live and most recording sessions.

    Fuzzrocious BDPG v1 and V2 This is Ryan's take off on the Submarine adding a gain stage and tweaking the tone creating a great factory for getting saturated bass tones, great for mixing with a clean tone to create massive driving bass parts. V2 adds a third clean gain stage.

    John Kallas FET2B this is a new pedal to me and I am looking forward to putting it into play. It is a take on the Alembic F2B super clean tube preamp that is a part of the magic sound that Alembic basses have, now I can use it with all my basses. This is available as a special order.

    Joyo JF15 California Sound is a take on the classic Fender tube front end very similar to the Bassman which is one of my favorite classic bass tones. *

    *Just about any overdrive pedal can be used as a preamp so be sure to try those too on your search for clean to warm tones. I have used Danelectro Daddy O for saturated Marshall tones as well as EHX Hot Tubes and Digitech Hardwire CM2 Tube Overdrive.

    ART TUBE MP I would be remiss not to include this handy gadget to add some tube goodness on the cheap, there are several versions worth checking out. I use several including a TPS II for adding warmth to stereo tracks like drum overheads.

    I have limited this to pedals only but I also use multi effects and rack units as preamps.
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