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  1. I play an SVT3-PRO through an SVT-410HE. Right now I'm looking to add another cab. I was thinking about a 2x10 since I really like the punch of tens. But I was also considering adding a 1x15 to get more bottom. I am looking at Ampeg cabs because, for one, I want them to match, but I like the tone of the Ampeg cab I already have.

    What do you think would be the better option? Two more tens or a 15? Would running the cabs in parallel instead of biamped give me much improvement in bass response? Also, is a passive crossover even a viable option to cut some of the lows to the 4x10?

    The other day I was looking at cab specs and it seems the low frequency response on Ampeg cabs is sub-par. Compared with SWR and Eden, Ampeg doesn't go nearly as low. The SPL's on the ampeg cabs were higher however. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Speedbird


    Jul 10, 2000
    If your amp can handle a 2ohm load add the SWR "henry.the.8x8" It's only 4ohms but handles hundreds of watts has more bottom than most cabs. Best of all it cuts and thumps like nothing like you would not believe.
  3. FalsehoodBass


    Jul 22, 2001
    Denver, CO
    cubeenz, the reason ampegs are so different is because they're sealed... you get a different sound out of a sealed cab than a ported one... they generally don't have as good of a low-end frequency respose as ported cabs, but they do have their place, especially for those wanting the "ampeg" sound.. i have my ideas about why ampeg generally doesn't use horns either... possibly the sealed cabs give a better high end and a tigher bass.. i don't think any other major bass cabinet company makes a sealed cab, but i'm probably wrong. If you look at the PR cabs and the 410HLF, you'll probably see the bass response in the specs get better, that's because they added ports on these cabs.... each cab is baffled on the inside into seperate 210 compartments, and the bottom 2 10's are ported.

    all said.. i don't like sealed cabs.. i'm a fan of my ported 810. In your case i'd vote for the 15 over 2 more tens, you could use the low end it has to offer, but i thought i'd rant about ampeg cabs for a bit. If anybody else has something to add, tell me i'm wrong etc, please do