Extreme downtuning progressive metal help.

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  1. Hey guys, I have exhausted searches for a while and now I ask you for help. I am joining a progressive metal band where the tuning for me will either be F#, B, F#, B, E, or exactly that one half step up. I have multiple 5 and 6 string basses, but they are all 34" scale. I would say they can handle drop A fairly well(im using a 135 B right now), but anything below that is just too clicky. I am looking for advice: with a 34" scale, is it even feasible to get a string gauge between say 145-180? What gauge would get the right balance of thickness and tension for that tuning? I am just trying to avoid having to get a new bass with 35" or 36" scale.
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    Jan 25, 2005
    Yeah totally possible with a 34" scale, don't worry about that, you'll need to build a custom set for that tuning. IMO Circle K Strings are the best subcontra strings available and their singles have no cost penalty compared to the sets: http://circlekstrings.com/store/single_strings.html
    Use the tension chart to design a custom set with equal tension strings, you can also use it to discover what tension you prefer as it is roughly accurate for other brands of roundwound: http://circlekstrings.com/CKSIMAGES/CircleKtensionChart130105.pdf
    Note that CKs only fit top-load bridges and are nickelplated steel outer wrap over steel inner wraps. A medium tension is roughly 40 pounds so a .182 will give you that at F# and G. A good method for designing a set is to match the tensions to that of your favourite gauge of E string.