Extreme Makeover Bass Edition

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by DaveCustomMade, May 21, 2004.

  1. My first bass guitar was a Peavey Axcelorator that I purchased in 1997. I was in need of a bass since all I had at my disposal was my churches Peavey Patriot. Wanting a 5 string, and not having much money to work with, when I saw the 5 string Peavey Axcelorator for about 50% off, I jumped on it.

    The bass is excellent for the price. Sounds and plays very good, . . . . . . . . but I'm not one for painted guitars with pickguards. Therefore, [fastforward to the present] I now am going to do a makeover on the Peavey, changing it from the boring paint and pickguard to a wood finish top. I also plan on minor changees to the body design and head to give it a more appealing look.

    I have placed a page on my [admittedly amature] webpage to show some pictures of what it looks like, and what it will look like when it is done.

    Here's the webpage:


    Yesterday, I purchased some paint stripper. It will be a joy to see that purple finish buckle! :hyper:
  2. Lastnight all the pieces of hardware as well as the electronics were taken off the bass, ready for the paint stripper, which will be done on Saturday. I can't wait to see what might be under that paint! :hyper:

    I figure I don't need to take a picture of the parts. No big thrill there. :smug: