SOLD F Bass BN5 with 18mm spacing at A style bridge and removable ramps

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    F Bass BN5 with 18mm spacing at the A style bridge, vol/blend instead of the standard vol/vol, and removable Macassar Ebony ramps. One of which is a slap ramp with truss rod access made specifically for double-thumb (inspired by norm Stockton’s and others).

    I got this bass new from Donovan at to be my main slapper after seeing this video of two different guys playing this exact bass:

    When the bass arrived, not only did it meet my expectations and hopes for slapping, but I discovered a surprisingly broad range of equally great tones not represented in this short video. This uncommonly versatile instrument became my number 1, beating out a Fodera Matt Garrison and a Ken Lawrence Brase. I adored those basses and am not talking smack at all! Taste is very personal of course, but I parted with those instruments because I preferred this particular BN5.

    I’m surprised to be letting this bass go now, but I recently got a Marleaux Contra 5, which I’m blown away by and am simply not playing my other fretted basses. I've also got an Adamovic and a DeTemple to sell for the same reason.

    Bridge: I swapped the stock 19 mm B style bridge for an 18 mm Hipshot A style (ultralight/aluminum) one. The A style bridges have adjustable string spacing of + or - .5mm and more mass than the B style, which had a noticeable and positive (to me) impact on the tone. I don’t quite have the vocabulary to communicate the difference, but I liked it better, just as George and Marcel Furlanetto thought I would after I asked for their advice about this and shared my tonal preferences (Hadrien Feraud, Matt Garrison, etc.) with them. The best I can say is that it enriched the mids a bit, and perhaps increased sustain a little, without any negative impact (to me) when going for a scooped sound. The stock bridge will be included so you can swap it back and compare if you’d like to. FYI, the Furlanettos also verified that going to 18mm spacing wouldn’t create pickup magnet interference, but not to go any narrower with the stock pickups (and fretboard width).

    Installation of the new bridge, custom ramps, changing to vol/blend instead of the stock vol/vol, and setup were all done by the excellent shop: here in Portland, OR. They did a great job on all aspects of this work. Cost of hardware and labor for the upgrades/modifications totals about $500. I think I have the receipts if anyone cares to see them. List price on a BN5 is now $4,499 (see for verification of this). I'm asking $1,400 less than those combined costs.

    This instrument is set up (and intonated) with uncommonly low action for a very light touch at 0.05 inches between the top of the 12th fret and the bottom of the G string and 0.07 inches between the B string and 12th fret. This will be annoyingly low for some folks, so let me know if you’d like me to raise it for you before shipping.

    Born: November 2020, received new from dealer in 2021

    Finish: Matte Brownburst with enhanced black grain

    Nut Width: 45mm (1 3/4″)

    Width at Last Fret: 76mm (3″)

    Fingerboard Radius: Compound 10″ – 16″

    Scale Length: 34.5″

    Number of Frets: 22

    Neck Wood: 3 piece quarter-sawn Maple

    Fingerboard Wood: Quarter-Sawn Maple

    Body Wood: 2-piece Northern Ash

    Tuners: Gotoh tuners with 20:1 ratio
    Pickups: Two F Bass stacked, single coil/hum-cancelling, magnetic pickups

    Strings: Fresh set of F Bass Stainless Steel Exposed Core

    Original F Bass gig bag included.

    Weight is 9 lbs 7 oz

    Black Hardware

    Knobs: Handmade Ebony

    Strap buttons: I’ve got the original F Bass buttons, but have Dunlop Straplocks currently installed. The buyer can let me know whether you’d like the originals back on or sent in the case.

    The passive tone control functions whether in passive or active mode enabling it to modify a different set of frequencies than the ones affected by the active tone controls.

    Condition: I did my best to show everything in the photos. Somehow, I scratched the finish on the back (as shown). Other than that, the bass is in fantastic shape, but not quite mint. There are subtle signs that I’ve played it regularly since I got it around a year ago. For example, my right forearm has shined up the satin-matte finish (as shown) where it rests on the edge of the body.

    If you purchase this bass and decide to sell it later, please contact me first to give me a chance to buy it back. I've put a note asking this with my contact info in the case.

    I’m asking the buyer to pay $170 for carefully packed and fully insured FedEx shipping within CONUS. Yes, they really charge that much, unfortunately.

    PXL_20220810_170407774.MP.jpg PXL_20220810_170649621.MP.jpg PXL_20220810_170515617.MP.jpg

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    Nov 2, 2020
    Offer sent via PM
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    What part of Portland are you located? I'm in Portland (west side), too, and might want to check this bass out in person.

    I've had all my bass work/mods done at the 12th Fret, and highly recommend them to anyone in the area. Great guys, great work, and very reasonable turnaround time.
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    I'd certainly recommend the guys at 12th Fret, as well.

    I'm in Southwest Portland off highway 5, so shouldn't be too far from you. If you'd like to meet, we can discuss it further via PM.
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    Outstanding! I had an almost identical BN5 except mine had hand made Nagal knobs instead of Ebony and everything else was original.

    The ONLY reason I got rid of it was because I didn't like the old-school jazz style vol/vol setup and prefer the vol/blend setup. Your mod took care of that, so this piece is very enticing!
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    I hear you. I know lots of folks prefer vol/vol, but when playing live I change the pickup blend fairly often mid-song and two volume knobs makes that a lot harder/slower (for me, at least). Little things can make a big difference.
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    I updated the post, reduced the price, and removed the trade options. I'm hoping to fund the purchase of a fretless Marleaux Contra. The longer I have my fretted one, the more I love it.
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    I just reached out with a PM. Hoping this is still available!
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    It is and I just replied via PM. Thanks.