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    D00F4651-DD19-437C-A51F-FD6AFF9BBD53.jpeg 463C226A-6241-4172-A7DE-332085D1CB63.jpeg 64DF587A-5006-473B-8676-327E5FDB98FF.jpeg D35C31DA-62F1-4350-9AC6-808C1755F295.jpeg A1D2925F-1EEC-49B3-AD6A-D391A0B43767.jpeg DFD0241F-299D-49E1-93AB-D060B361E049.jpeg 3ED52492-280C-4FBD-858A-C1AE0629AC34.jpeg 12450788-52D6-4EC8-87D6-ECE867E63430.jpeg P 4E25CA19-5977-4DE8-A950-C2E22F14619C.jpeg Up for sale is my mint condition F bass BN5 brown Burst. Bass comes with gig bag. Not a blemish to be found. My preference are jazz Basses. Found that out after purchase, My loss your gain!!
    New Fodera Nickel strings and set up by my luthier on Friday July 10th


    Model Information


    String Count:5

    Body Wood:Northern Ash

    Finish:Brown Burst / Black Grain Enhance / Matte Sheen

    Neck:3 Piece Quarter-Sawn Maple

    Fingerboard: Maple

    Nut Style:Bone

    Nut Width:45mm (1 3/4")

    Width at Last Fret:76mm (3")

    Truss Rod:Two-Way, 4mm ( 5/32" ) wrench


    Bridge:Hipshot Aluminum B Style

    String Spacing:19mm

    Tuners:Gotoh, GB70, mini with 20:1 ratio

    Pickups:F Bass Stacked Single Coils (with Hum-Cancelling)

    Knobs:Handmade Nogal

    Weight:9lbs 15oz

    Includes a new F Bass gig bag

    (version 2.0 made with a water resistant poly fabric, poly-leather accents, bolstered handle, and reinforced sidewalls)
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