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SOLD F Bass custom order AC5 in VF format

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Growling Woods, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Growling Woods

    Growling Woods Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2020
    Portland, OR
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    F Bass custom order AC5 in a VF format up for sale or trade. The chambered body is made of flame maple wings with central alder tone block and subtly figured redwood top. The fingerboard, ramp, and bridge are made from Gabon ebony. The previous owner had extra dots inlaid at each "fret" to help with intonation. This is the only modification done to the bass outside of the F Bass shop, and the luthier did a stellar job (plus, the markers are very useful). I find the satin finish gorgeous, more than the pictures show. Tobacco burst with subtle AC border inlay. You have to look closely to see the border. Not sure you can make it out in my photos, but you can in person. Matching redwood pickup cover, flame maple electronics cavity cover, and so on. The three handmade ebony knobs control volume for the primary pickup, volume for the piezo bridge, and a tone knob. The on-board preamp is also equipped with bass, middle, and treble trim pots in the cavity, so all of that can be controlled, but is tucked away for an elegant and ergonomic design.

    The bass weighs just about 9.5 lbs, has a 34.5 scale, and comes with a like-new highly padded f-bass gig bag. The B string is perfect. Maybe all basses should be this scale. The tone has real depth, clarity, broad textured lows, and warm woody singing highs. Incredible articulate sound helped by mixing the piezo bridge sound in, I think, with a somewhat more acoustic open sound because of the body chambering.

    I always wanted one of these, but now that I got one from a great TB’er, I find I'm just looking for a more aggressive, compressed sound at this point, so the acoustic chambering may not be for me after all.

    There's a little ding on the front that you can see in one of the photos I included, as well as another little ding on top of the headstock, which I also tried to show. There is some brown streaking visible in the maple neck, those are just part of the wood, not damage, but I wanted to make sure those were visible as well.

    For those who don’t know, a new AC 5 runs $6800. If you’re like me, you prefer this price and the look of this more understated body shape over the AC model, anyway. If you know the consistently impeccable quality F Bass offers, and acoustic chambers interest you, grab this unique bass before somebody else does.

    I'm pretty new to TB and only have a couple positive reviews here, but have lots of positive reviews on eBay, and a few positive reviews on Reverb com. Private message me if you want links to my accounts on those other websites, or if you want any other info, to call, video chat, etc.

    Trades: My imaginary dream bass has lower action than most people seem to want, five strings, frets or not, a wenge fingerboard, mahogany body, and is surprisingly lightweight. Maybe a single cut. Having never seen this, and being unwilling to pay what it'd cost to commission it to be built, I'm happy to entertain offers of things that actually exist instead. Maybe something with one or two of those features? Maybe something totally different.

    Thanks for looking,

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