F/S ABG six string fretless $700.00

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    The work was done at two shops.
    Angel Guitars who are known for restoration of Martin guitars.
    And Kevin Kaufman who was Jaco's repairman.

    The body is an early 1987 CIJ Ferrington KFB.
    The tour bassist for the Bee Gees originally owned the bass. But it was not used in an unplugged concert as intended and has very little wear.

    The bridge is hand carved from rosewood.

    The neck is an modified 426tm made by Zolla in La Jolla California:
    It is one piece finished maple with a fretless lined rosewood board.
    The nut width measures 2 1/16" and the 24th 'fret' is about
    3 1/16".
    The headstock is finished black to match the body.
    The tuners are black gotoh 4 over 2 and the hardware is black except for the neck plate that is original chrome with S/N.

    The solution for a pickup for the wide bass bridge is two Martin Thinline 332 Acoustic Guitar Pickups set end to end in such a way to pick up all string equally.
    The Preamp is a 3-band EMG acoustic that was altered
    by Kevin Kaufman for use with a bass.
    He also coated the fingerboard to the same brand of marine epoxy used on Jaco's bass.

    It has narrow spacing and it set up with VERY low action. It has acousticore strings, which are fairly new. These are the only strings I recommend for the bass because the light tension and the sound. After discovering these strings Kevin reset the bridge to improve intonation. The sound is similar to a Turner-Renaissance, and I've attached a MP3 of the bass in several groove and melodic settings using loops.

    Price includes original hard-shell case.
    Custom made sound hole cover for playing at higher volumes.
    An original 1987 Ferrington brochure.
  2. damn, if that spacing weren't so narrow I'd buy this bass this instant!
  3. on the ferrinton, right at the bridge from the outside edge of the B to the outside edge of the C it is just a bit less than 3 inches.
  4. PM's sent with questions.
  5. SOLD

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