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  1. Beautiful and clean bass guitar speaker cabinet. David Eden Model # 410-XST , 1000 watts, 8 ohms, serial # 39683. I don't know the age of the cabinet i am not original owner. Actual cabinet weight is 97 lbs., making combined shipping weight approximately 105 lbs. Overall condition is very good. The only flaws are a minor scratching on the label in back although the numerals are still clearly legible , and there was an issue with a screw that was loose but it has been fixed. I ordered a brand new eden tag for the front grill. The rear has 1/4 jack and banana plugs. does not have speakons. Speaker comes with casters. Fantastic sound and reasonably priced. Speaker is in excellent shape cosmetically. I bought the XLT and the XST amd i am keeping the XLT. I paid more but i am asking for $425.00 plus shipping. I will deliver up to 50 miles if buyer pays for gas instead of shipping. The speaker weight is 95lbs so shipping wil be determined by location.

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  2. More pictures.

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    PM sent.
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    Freaking serious? I was looking for one of these for like a month and finally ended up getting something else... Now like 4 days later this is posted... Come on!! :mad:
  5. I Know t3ch, it's happened to me more than once!

    Modwickman2020 pm answered!
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    You and me both, bub!
  7. Come on guys, this is a great deal on an earlier model 410SXT. It is priced like a 410XLT? The carpet on this cabinet is in above average condition. There are no blown speakers, no rattles, and no high price!
  8. The loose screw has been replaced and now all 4 screw are tight. I have edited to update the current condition.
  9. Sold!
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