F.S./ Eden WT-800

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  1. This one was made in 2002 and is in great working condition. There are a few cosmetic flaws but very minor...I'll e-mail pics to anyone interested. I'll also ship her in a nice two-space rack. Asking $725 + actual shipping. PM me or send e-mail to jazz5757@hotmail.com with questions or pic requests and i'll get right back to you...thanks!
  2. Last day before it's off to da' 'Bay....$725 shipped! C'mon folks - this is a great price!
  3. send me an email or pm with pics please.....
  4. pm sent! :bassist:
  5. If it's available I'd be interested..
  6. pm sent.
  7. baba

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    Jan 22, 2002
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    I can't believe no one has bought this....:confused: :confused:
  8. I'm with you there bro! I don't think I've ever seen one sell for less than $700 and this one is not even 3 years old! I'm had a lot of inquiries in the past several days but everyone seems to be cash poor.. :meh:
  9. sammy490


    Oct 24, 2004
    Are you concidering any trades?

    Mesa 400+ perhaps?
  10. Thanks sammy490 but I'm only interested in selling at this point. The short story is that I was going to sell my Aguilar DB 750 to raise some cash and then buy a less expensive amp...then I came to my senses... ;)
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    Sep 16, 2004
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    e-mail sent
  12. Reply sent.
  13. *ON HOLD* :)