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SOLD F/S: Fender Standard Custom Modified Precision Bass w/ Hardshell Case

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by GatorDogDoc, May 19, 2011.

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  1. I've got my new bass, so this beauty has to go for financial reasons.

    This is a custom modified 2007 New Old Stock Fender Standard (MIM) Precision Bass. It was purchased in 12/2010 from Sigler Music Center for $599.99.

    It consists of:
    -2007 New Old Stock Fender Standard (made in Mexico) Precision Bass (black), Rosewood fretboard, & Maple neck
    -Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Quarter Pound Precision pickups
    -Babicz Full Contact Hardware bridge (black)
    -Warmoth 4-ply custom black pearl pickguard (W/B/W/Pearl)
    -Fender 250K split shaft pots (tone, volume)
    -Fender black metal knurled knobs
    -Dunlop Dual Design Straplok System (black, both parts)
    -Fender owner's manual, tags, & allen wrenches (unopened, sealed in original bag)

    I've just strung it with a brand new/never used set of D'Addario Flat Wound Chromes strings for this sale. I've got it strung BEAD (.132, .100, .080, .060), but will also include the G string (.040) in case you want to go EADG ($40 value).

    I'm selling it with a near new (also purchased 12/2010) SKB hardshell molded case (SKB-FB4) with TSA locks (keys included). This was purchased for $139.99.

    There is one very small cosmetic ding that I keep meaning to get repaired, but never got around to it (see picture). Other than that, it is in pristine condition with no problems.

    [DEL]$650 [/DEL] $600 with free shipping to ConUS via UPS.

    Send me a private message if any questions.

  2. What a sweet lookin bass. I love that pick guard. To bad that my hands are on the small side, thats why I like a Jazz. Bump for you!
  3. Thanks, Laurie... interestingly, this neck is only 1/8 inch wider at the nut than a jazz! I had the same issue with my old 5-string, that's why I stick to the 4-strings and tune 'em BEAD.
  4. Okay, dropping the price to $600 shipped... if no sale soon, then off to ebay!
  5. This beauty if off to ebay, but I'll still list it here until it sells one place or the other.

    Note the reduced price (here) of $600 (shipped ConUS) for the bass and the hard case

    Post on this thread or send me a Private Message if interested or want to make an offer.
  6. Jeeesh! I would love to have this..there is something about it I really like. To bad I find a "P" neck a little big.
  7. It is a sweet lookin' bass, isn't it?

    For me it's the black hardware, but especially the black pearl pickguard that does it.:bassist:

    Thanks for the bump... kinda suprised there is no real interest here, especially with the killer hardshell case!
  8. Saturday bump
  9. Sold on ebay... only got $500 (shipped) for it.... :crying:

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