F/S X2 XDS-Plus Digital Wireless Bass rig

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    For sale is a like new hardly used X2 XDS-Plus Digital Wireless rig for bass. This one is like new and they sell for $279 at Musicians Friend. Includes transmitter, instrument cord, receiver, dual attennas, power brick, original box, manual. Has extended operating range from the smaller less expensive stomp box unit. More visual controls too. The one thing that I really like is that the receiver will give you a reading letting you know how much battery life you have left in your transmitter on the guitar. Check out the web site for full description and specifications. PM me with questions. Asking $225 shipped in the CONUS and I accept PayPal. Thanks for looking!
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    Is there a reason that this is a "Bass" wireless? I didn't know there were differences. Frequency Response?

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  4. I should not have been so specific. It's guitar or bass.
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  6. Item sold and payment received. Thanks!