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  1. A few deals have fallen through - So some of this stuff is available again

    Between going back to school and work, plus just started gigging again for the first time in a few years, so I am far to busy for projects anymore.

    I'm looking for a few 3" straps, a black and a tort P bass pick guard, new or used TI jazz flats, or chromes. Jazz Bridge chrome cover and a P bass bridge cover (ashtrays). Chrome threaded saddle Fender bridge. Maybe a few patch (spkr) cables or good quality instrument cables. as far as other stuff, just try me, it all needs to go away

    First up is a Japanese made Profile brand bass (Traded).

    Next up are some strings that I either didn't like, or just never used. Used Fender 9050 ML Flats gone - have about an hour and a half use on them. I put them on and did not like the tension. I do not have the original packaging, but these have been kept in and will ship in a string envelope. Dean Markley Blue Steel Rounds. Came on a new bass I bought recently. Really bright and stringy sounding, not my thing at all. Hardly any use by me, but I don't know how long they hung in the music store. These are not very old at all. Next is a set of D'Addario EXP coated bass strings (traded). Brand new, never used, still sealed. Tru Bass 88 rotosound nylon strings gone. Silks are a bit frazzled, but the strings are in great shape. Only used a few weeks. Just getting broken in, plus they are nylon, they'll last forever. D'Addario half wounds gone. Had them on for a few hours, didn't like the tension. All still in original packaging. Next is a set I got in a trade and have no use for. Adamas phosphor bronze AEB strings. Still sealed, never used. I apologize for this last set, but i figured someone could use them. Brand new Dean Markley Electric strings. never opened, never used. I sold my strat and only play an acoustic, if I ever play guitar anymore.

    Hardware and more - 2 MIM Fender bridges w/ screws. 2 sets of MIM style tuners, 1 gold and 1 black (black set traded, gold set gone) - both with grommets and screws. Complete Jazz bass control plate (gone) with full size pots and jack. 2 Neck Plates - 1 squier and 1 just chrome plate. Fender sparkle guitar and bass tuner. Hipshot black D-Tuner for Hipshot elephant ear style tuners (traded). Solid brass tugbar / thumbrest with black screws. Knobs - 3 gold push-on, 2 chrome push-on, 2 Jazz style set screw. Brand new P bass plastic nut. Gold strap pegs. 3 position pick up selector switch (on/combined/on).
  2. PM's replied -
    I really have no idea what kind of cash value this stuff has. I'm just looking to swap these things that are cluttering up my music room for some other things to clutter up my music room. I guess if you would like to make an offer on anything, I would consider it, but I am really looking for trades only.
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    Feb 4, 2001
    pm sent
  4. davelowell2

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    Apr 20, 2006
    I'd love to try those TruBass strings. PM to for a cash offer.
  5. Trade the D'Addario EXP for a set of D'Addario flats? They were just installed on a bass I bought. I took them off as soon as the bass made it home, the reason I took them off is because I don't play flats.
  6. Sounds good to me as long as they will fit a four in line Fender style bass - you have a PM
  7. McHaven


    Mar 1, 2005
    Cost for Thumbrest and jazz ash tray?
  8. PM returned. They were on a Fender Geddy Lee.

  9. I don't have a Jazz ash tray - I'm looking for one
  10. Oh - and the EXPs are gone
  11. OK - big trade going through, so most of this stuff is gone. I have a few new things that I will be posting, so I will just add what's left here to that one. Thanks for looking and see ya next time
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