Fab Faux Tickets - Harrisburg, PA - Half Price

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  1. Six tickets to see the Fab Faux with Will Lee at The Forum in
    Harrsiburg, PA on Feb. 14, 2009, 8:00 P.M.
    Six tickets in Section 306, Row F.
    $159.60 for all six.
    Face value = $270.00.

    If you're a Beatles lover (and who isn't?), you've got to see
    the Fab Faux. They play music that even the Beatles never
    played outside of the studio. The sound, quality and attention to
    detail is second to none. There is nothing like it. These guys are
    one of the most enjoyable bands ever.

    I've been waiting for these guys to come to a venue near me so
    I could see them again. I will be seeing them every chance I get.
    I bought these tickets 15 minutes after they went on sale. They
    were the best available at the time. They are in Section 306, Row F.
    One week later, there were even better tickets available (argh!).
    I was miffed. Regardless, it was worth it to me to buy the
    better tickets. So now, I'm stuck with six tickets that I won't be
    using. My bad luck is your good luck. You can buy all six tickets
    for exactly half of what I paid for them. 1/2 x $319.20 = $159.60.

    If you're familiar with the Forum, you know it is a small venue
    and all the seats are really good (with the possible exception
    of the left and right edges that can be obstructed - not a
    problem here; you'll be right near the middle).

    The price is non-negotiable. You're already getting a killer bargain.
    Paypal accepted. PM me now if you want them.

  2. mxr255

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    Jul 21, 2003
    Williamsport, PA
    If I didn't already have a gig that night I would be all over this. THey are awesome.
  3. gkbass13

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    Mar 29, 2006
    Southern Vermont
    waiting for a little contact, then sending paypal....
  4. The Fab Faux tickets are sold. Thank you for your interest.