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  1. Jeff K

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    Definitely! I've always considered "Abbey Road" to be a top candidate for my "desert island" album. Especially Side 2 of the actual "album" (prior to CDs!). And the Fab Faux do an awesome job on it.
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    Aug 15, 2010
    An oldie but goodie.

    Personally, even though they sound great, it doesn't really look like they have any real passion. They're stone-faced for most of the video.
  3. well...

    That was pretty obviously a studio session, not a performance. Stone-faced in the studio is a given. People are intensely focused on their parts - not putting on a show. My bet is that in a live performance they would be significantly more animated. You've seen Will Lee on Letterman, right? He's anything but stone-faced.
  4. Click around in this link ( The Fab Faux ) and find the actual performance on Letterman a few years ago. They do it very well.

    There's a whole list of vids there if you can find them.
  5. Will Lee is a player worthy of admiration for all kinds of reasons including the Fab Faux, for sure! I am sure that every player in that group is not-notch and we'd all give our eye teeth to be considered peers.

    As for being stone-faced in the studio - man, unless you are looking to get fired, you damn well BETTER be stone-faced! Every note counts x 10 when you are clocking studio minutes. If you start clowning and blow the take just try explaining that you were mugging for the camera and see how far that gets you! LOL
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    It was a live performance for Sirius...

    The Fab Faux - Abbey Road Side 2 (mostly) on Vimeo

    I did not get the same vibe as everyone else. I definitely saw lots of passion. Enjoyed it immensely.

    Our band has been toying around with doing Side 2 of Abbey Road as a set.
  7. Ok... Point taken and agreed.
  8. dave64o

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    If you have an opportunity to see The Fab Faux live, do it. They put on a fantastic show.
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    Nov 7, 2007
    Love these guys. Will Lee is great.
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