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Fabulous Fado ABG Fretless

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jonathan Starr, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know about these?

    I was visiting with Daniel Marcovich, a brilliant Luthier and high end bass dealer in Amsterdam, Holland recently. Daniel had an interesting ABG in his rack, that he was repairing for someone, and when he wasn't looking I tried it out.

    It was made in '96 by a Portuguese guitarmaker who recently passed away, and it was based on a traditional Fado bass, but it was a fretless 4 with small lines at the top of a thick slab of ebony. It was huge, but it was very long in body and not too wide or deep so it was very comfortable to play. The body extended quite far to the right & left, and only about 12 frets were easily playable, the rest of the neck being in the body. It was huge sounding, very loud and deep with awesome mwah and light action (Danny had set it up with TI Acousticores which aren't very loud on my Martin) and just this great swelling tone. No pickup, and it was absolutely gorgeous with complex binding and inlays around the huge soundhole and detail work like the very finest spanish classical guitars.

    I forgot to write down the name of the maker (I'll get it from Daniel by & by) but I was told that he collaborated with some Lisbon Jazz players in developing this.

    I've never tried anything like it, in terms of sound or playability. I want one!