Fabulous story of a successful indie label run from the family garage !

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    A couple of cool excerpts :

    Nine smelly guys pile out of the van. Park's mom, Sonia, runs around getting blankets and extra pillows. Shin--a retired laboratory supervisor at San Jose Hospital--rearranges furniture to accommodate the guests and cordially introduces himself to a dreadlocked guy named Hashbrown. Mike greets everyone and gleefully points out the refrigerator and guest bathroom.

    To the Blue Meanies, the hospitality and clean digs are a gold mine. To the Park family, having nine musicians camped out in the living room is the most normal thing in the world. It's part of running a successful independent label. It's just good business.


    Pezcore scored big. An A&R suit from Capitol Records bought the CD at a show and followed the band around the country. Less Than Jake eventually signed with Capitol, and the label offered Park $100,000 to buy Pezcore outright.

    Park declined. He has since sold 60,000 copies of the album by himself. With a 50/50 split, Asian Man paid off the production costs and still earned more than $100,000. And the album is still selling.
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    GREAT article! I know that I have contributed to Park's bank account, owning every Skankin Pickle release, and at least half the Asian Man catalog. I had no idea he was responsible for the Ska Against Racism tours. This should be a case-study for all those wanting to go the DIY route.
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    I've been in contact with Mike Park for a while, in one way or another. Started as a fan of him while he was in Skankin' Pickle, and turned into someone I did business with.

    For those curious, Mike Park was also in The Bruce Lee Band, and The Chinkees.