Fair price for my strat??

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  1. I hate to do it, but I am considering putting my 2001 Fender Texas Fat Strat up for sale on E-Bay; I need the money to buy new basses (strongly considering G&L Tribute 4 and 5, but I like the Dean Rhapsody as well). This strat is in GREAT shape, and is an extremely versatile tone machine. It has a Pearly Gates HB and 2 Texas single coils, a very very nice guitar and will come with a decent strap and a TKL hard shell case.
    I am considering trying to get at least $700(US) on e-bay, they go for about $950 +/- new.
    Can anyone here help me decide if this is a fair, reasonable price?
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    Dec 29, 2003
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    start at $800

    Got any pictures?
  3. Hmmm....tempting
    I could get pics easy enough, I will need them if i put it on E-Bay anyway. I will post them when i get them.