Faital Pro 10FH500

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  1. Jeff Scott

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  2. OldogNewTrick


    Dec 28, 2004
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    Thoughts, no RWE:
    FS 60Hz, QTS 0,26, BL 17,9 with xmax 7,25 translates to me - high power, bit shy on the low-lows good for a super loud, punchy cab for a 4-stringer...

    Sure some of the more knowledgable people will still weigh in.
  3. Arjank


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    Spot on OldognewTrick!
  4. Jeff Scott

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    Thanks, guys. I currently have a great 2-12+6 1/2" mid driver cabinet from LDS with 3012LFs in it but I need to lighten my load, as light as this cabinet already is, around 55lbs.). So, I was thinking about a couple of 1-10s to be more compact and modular. I am aware of the FEARLESS cabs and of the 3010LF, just looking to see what other options are available to me. I do not need (or desire, really) a tweeter/horn in these cabs, just a good mid driver and crossover. I am hoping to get the cabinets under or around 30lbs. each, if possible.

    When used together they will most likely be stacked but I may want to run stereo effects or split my signal to run separate effect to each cab (or even use the ROS in my '73 4001 but I have only played with ROS decades ago on my old '67 4005WB I used to own) so the cabs may run side by side or even spaced out a bit.

    I do occasionally use 5 string basses but mostly 4 string. As much as I like the super deep tone of the LDS cab I probably don't really need that; I find I roll off the bass some as it can get a bit overpowering depending on the venue, so not having a deep, extended bottom end is not required.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    That's a beast of a little speaker! Build it and OP will buy....
  6. Mike Arnopol

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    Yeah---Fs is too high, also---I don't like QTS that low for electric bass. Punchy but dry.

    For me---10 inchers are the weak point for most manufacturers.
    Typically too high Fs's. I would LOVE to use a Faital 10---I use a lot of their drivers but none of the 10's suit my needs.

    I use the Eminence 3010lf a lot---great driver but it needs to be crossed over pretty low to avoid the wankier range. I like the BP102---low Fs, decent wmax, a bit low efficiency, QTS high for my taste but in the proper enclosure it can be not--too--loose.
    And dirt cheap. Has to have a mid or a tweet, though---not much happening above 2k.