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  1. I asked my instructor what I need to start doing to prepare for jamming, and he said I am closer than I think, as I understand intervals and I woodshed a bit on my own, and I am at a point where I can listen to a song and know if the bassists is doing a R-5, or a R-3-5-3, or maybe a R-3-5-6, or an "Uptown" or "Uptown-Down" or a Reed/Wolf style of riff over a I-IV-V.

    So he recommended getting some fake books and starting to jam with songs using them, which I guess will help develop my ear now more than my fretting, and also to rapidly increase my song list.

    I did a search at Amazon and other sites and there are a lot of books to choose from......

    Any recommendations to get the most bang for my buck in the blues, blues rock, and classic rock genres?

    I also use Bassmasta tabs and Songsterr alot but old blues are more difficult to find on those sites (maybe because anyone with a decent ear can just fake those basslines ....)

    Help me choose from the dozens of books out there.

  2. I only have two fake books. The Ultimate Country Fake Book. 700 Country songs and then a book of jazz standards. Why only two? Everything else I get right off of the Internet. Google; Guitar Chords, "Name of the song" For Jazz I use the Vanilla Book http://www.ralphpatt.com/Song.html for the chord progression and then http://www.ralphpatt.com/Backing.html for the backing track. A Google will bring up the lyrics for those jazz standards. Combine the two and you have fake chord on hundreds of jazz standards. Let your search engine find what you would like to be playing.

    Recommending a fake book to someone is hit or miss at best. What I like may not be what you like. Go to a music store and see what books have songs you like.
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    Feb 10, 2010
    the real book, buddy guy and junior wells play the blues, and aretha live at the fillmore west. that book and those albums have every thing you need to know. for now.

    i'd start with this though:http://www.youtube.com/user/colcifer
  4. Thanks to all, I have been checking out Chordie.com and yes, you can just about get all the fake material you need there, although I have to brush up on the chord notations. Between that, Songsterr and Bassmasta seems like you can fake most anything.
  5. Thanks for Bassmasta. Had not run across that one.
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