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Fake MIJ Fender?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Aggers, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Greetings

    So I bought via auction from Japan this MIJ 'N' serial Jazz.

    I had never seen a maple fret board with dot inlays, and on that colour with the Basslines/SD pups with the spiral bridge, so I was intrigued.

    The serial number indicates that it is a 93/94. The colour was available at that time on the JB62G-70, so its feasible in my mind that this could be an "order made", which would also explain the maple fret-board, spiral bridge and pup selection etc.

    BUT, on receiving the bass, there are absolutely no stamps in the neck pocket and on the base of the neck there is only the number '5-12' as per the photos in the this post below:

    Fake cij?

    I have a few other MIJ fenders and all have neck pocket stamps of some sort and I understand that order made jobs have either an order made decal on the back of the headstock and/or a neck pocket stamp.

    The decals on the head-stock seem a bit clunky (see photo) but otherwise under the clear coat.

    And the neck has this large brown/dark streak on the g string side.

    The dot inlays are inlays - not painted on, the pots are the same pots as the the post above as well.

    So I am leaning towards it being legit, but would welcome all views as it most certainly is not usual.


    Added a few more photos of the neck base and pocket as well as pu cavities and pots. The pups have been dropped in later by the looks of the rough solder job.

    Plus finally had a chance to play it and it sounds great.

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  2. Bump
  3. The silence is deafening...

    So I did some more nosing around.

    A few other posts about possible Fake MIJ Fenders showed some concerned about the cursive nature of the Made in Japan decal and the fact is was underneath the serial number.

    I have found this page:

    History of Tokai Guitar

    Which states:

    "(Note: Fender Japan used many sub constructors such as Fujigen, Dyna, Tokai, and Terada. The JV and E serial were made by Fujigen. Tokai made has "Made in Japan" under serial number in cursive handwriting)

    Plus I have found some images of Tokai neck stamps that look identical to the one I have on this Fender

    There are heaps of others


    There seems to be a practice in Tokai builds to put a stamp in the P/U routing - as per the photos of my subject and shown in the link below


    Finally, there are a number of sites that say that Tokai and Dyna were making CIJ Fenders as early as 1993, so they were at least making Fenders then.

    So, Im going to put it out there and say that it seems to me that Tokai were also making MIJ labelled Fenders for at least a short period in or about 1993.

    I know that this goes against the accepted wisdom of the MIJ = Fujigen thing, but it seems to line up.
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  4. Chuck M

    Chuck M Supporting Member

    May 2, 2000
    San Antonio, Texas
    I don't think I would have reservations about this bass. Looks great to me and you say it plays and sounds good so just enjoy it. Your research was interesting however. Thanks for posting this.
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  5. Thanks for the reply ChuckM.

    I’m sold on it being legit but I would love to hear opinions on the Tokai MIJ thing.

    I’ve actually emailed Tokai Japan to ask them!

    Also anyone have any ideas on the brown streak on the side of the neck? I have to say that it does correspond with a ‘high trafgic’ Area and so could well just be natural wear with some age staining?
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  6. Bump

    Any thoughts on fake or not? Tokai MIJ Fender? Neck staining?

    Please help me TB-ers! You’re my only hope!!!

    So I emailed Tokai Japan, Fender Japan and Fender US.

    Fender US gave nothing new apart from serial number indicated 1993 etc.

    Fender Japan can only comment on recent manufacturing (presumably they meant post-2015).

    Tokai were a little more mysterious. They stated that due to contractual considerations, they cant comment on OEM products.

    This could be read a few ways.

    Firstly, they had nothing to do with it and are regulated by a pre-existing contractual obligation anyways. If so, why just not say "we didnt make it."?

    Secondly, they did make it and are regulated by a pre-existing contractual obligation to remain quiet. I think this makes a little more sense. As mentioned previously Dyna Gakki were know to have produced some CIJ guitars in 1993 to help with the re-tooling interruption that Fujigen were going through.

    If Tokai were asked to manufacture items at that time too help with this known issue, it is plausible that they were directly contracted by Fujigen to make MIJ marked items on a short term basis. After all, Fujigen held the rights to the use of MIJ marking.

    All the guitars and basses I have seen with the cursive Made in Japan decal are N series with numbers starting at or about the N087*** to N089*** mark.

    Clearly I have too much time on my hands....
  8. flatwound62p


    Apr 24, 2017
    No answers here but I have similar stamps on my 93-94 PB62-75. Nice bass :)

    20170914_003042.jpg 20170206_213545.jpg 20170206_213708.jpg 20170206_115657.jpg
  9. Very Nice bass!! I have a white MIJ P Bass as well, but a G series. Looking VERY familiar!

    As an afterthought I have emailed Fujigen to see what they say.

    Pleasantly distracting theory at least :)

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