Family Guy / Mr. Show DVDs

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    Just got the new Family Guy DVD-seasons 1 and 2, and its funny as hell. I forgot all the little cut in jokes and offshoots. Such a well done show. I heard it was being run on the Cartoon network also.

    Also just picked up the Mr. Show seasons 1&2. Also a great show. I forgot the first episode had a little Ronnie Dobbs jingle by Tool. Good stuff

    Highly recommended to everyone.

    Where have all the good shows gone?
    To DVD I guess.
  2. I love Family Guy! America's finest export as far as I'm concerned! I have a whole load of episodes as 220 MB MPEG files which I burn to VCD to play on my DVD player. As soon as I see it in the shops I'm gonna get the DVD - I bought the complete Futurama season 2 DVD recently which is nearly as good. :D
  3. I'll be someone's slave if they give me those two. I will do ANYTHING....except that. But aside from that, I'll do ANYTHING.