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  1. Is there such a thing that would allow me to listen to two things through the same set of headphones at the same time?
    For instance my stereo and my bass. I have a lot of problems with trying to keep the noise down when practicing and I would like to be able to jam along with a CD through my headphones.
  2. Fodera has a headphone amp that I use that allows you to plug your stereo into it so you can play along with it. They call it the "Private practice amp".

    It's a little expensive, but it sounds great. Go to to check it out.
  3. Speedbird

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    Jul 10, 2000
    Northern Virginia
    I have an old Shultz R&D bassman that does that plus you can record the mix of the two. Also has some effects. It's for sale cheap, e-mail me if your interested.
  4. I believe that the Korg andora also has that ability.
  5. jcadmus


    Apr 2, 2000
    Anybody know if you can do that with the DOD 506 multi-effects pedal?

    I think it's got a headphone out, but don't know if it's got a stereo in.

    Been considering getting one, but obviously haven't done my homework yet.