Farewell Don Randall "Marketing Genius" for Leo Fender

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  1. Don Randall passed away on December 23. 2008 in Santa Ana, Ca. (a few miles south of Fullerton, Ca. where the first two Fender factories were located.) Don was born in 1917 and worked for Leo Fender for the first two decades of Fender.

    Don Randall was the Fender executive who actually came up the names for the iconic "Telecaster" and the "Stratocaster" guitars. Don Randall brokered the sale of Fender to CBS in 1965 for $13 million. Don finally resigned from CBS Fender in 1969 and started his own company; Randall Instruments in Irvine, Ca. a year later. Don Randall was 91 years old


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    A true icon. R.I.P.
  3. Another Music Industry Great gone - RIP Don!