Father's day gig in Waupaca

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  1. Had a really fun gig on Father's Day at the Chain O Lakes Bar and Grill in Waupaca. Yeah, small town in Central WI, so probably foreign territory to most of you.

    The day started off raining, but even after the rain quit it remained cloudy and cold so management made the call for us to be inside and not on the deck.

    After that initial disappointment it turned into a fun day, great crowd.

    A different view of my Edge doing double duty as the "gig mobile."

    A typical drive in Central WI, no burned up semi trucks this time. If you don't know what that's about see my gig report from Eagle River UP North Beer fest.


    Having a fun Sunday afternoon.

    Some of our good friends.

    Not sure how these came to be the norm for the day.

    And to make it official Father's Day, my dad was there too, on the right. He is a fine musician in his own right, we were at his polka band gig for awhile on Saturday afternoon.

    Hope everyone had a great Father's day.
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    Chain of Lakes Bar and grill, Is that the new name for the Harbor Bar?
  3. Hi @WI Short Scaler,

    Nice recap. My Dad didn't get to see many of my gigs. I'm glad yours got to hang with you. That's special. What drink was that? That looked special too. ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    Nice gig. Love the drink holders.

    My dad got to see me play only once about 45 years ago. The man loved rock n roll. Very cool yours was able to be there on Father's Day. :)
  5. Nope, the Harbor is still going strong, this is just up the road a little from there.

    Well guys, it's doubly cool that he was there because, long story short, there was some fallout in my family for a long time where we were not in touch. I reached out to him in time to reconcile before my son's wedding and it's been great to have him back in our life. He was never much of a fan of rock n roll but we've both mellowed over the years I guess. I've been to see him play a couple times too.

    Basscliff, I have no idea what the drink was, just thought the holders were pretty cool!
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    Judging by the olives, I'd say that the floatie holder was a good excuse for really big martinis!~!~~
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  7. Awesome!!!
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  8. My grandfather William Byford Sr. owned over a hundred acres there. My uncle Paul still lives there. It’s a small peaceful town. My grandparents retired near Chicago and moved up there instead of going south to Florida like a lot of our families friends were doing. Lot of great memories of that town from my childhood. But my parents ended up back in NC near Fort Bragg. My dad met my mom here when he was a soldier so most of my moms family is out here.
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