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Fattening up a Thumb b/o 5?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gleneg61, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. gleneg61


    Jan 10, 2008
    Originally posted in Pickups but no responses so will try here.
    Advice n ideas from the cognoscenti please! Wanna fatten up my thumb b/o 5 n after an initial enquiry it seems I can't replace the 2 pups with a MM style due to routing size etc, so was thinking if I had a neck pup put in n had the 2 existing pups wired as 1 with a series/parallel switch it would yield the best compromise with a beefier tone n minimal outlay n routing. Your thoughts? Thnx in advance
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  3. EQ pedal would be my first variable. Next, Being a Thumb owner, I've changed out the pickups and preamps many times. What kind of "fat" sound are you looking for? If it's output you want, and you want to modify the electronics, I would highly recommend an Aguilar preamp. Talk about output and power! But I would not recommend altering the body.
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    Not the right bass for a fat tone.
  5. gleneg61


    Jan 10, 2008
    Output is fine, just looking for a fuller sound in 'passive' mode, in active I can n do push the bass boost up for a fatter slap tone but although I can I guess I'd prefer to not have to use my fx pedals(Boss PQ3B/Aphex Aural Exciter/Eden WTDI) for my perceived EQ shortcomings. I love the growl but want a rounder tone from the bass itself if possible. Did the aggie preamp make a huge difference n if so, where in ur EQ? Thnx
  6. I must say, you have an excellent pedal board setup!!

    So you prefer a "rounder" sound over a growlier sound?

    I use an Aguilar for a beefier tone and not necessarily a rounder tone, although I'm certain you can get a rounder tone as well. Perhaps try cutting your highs a bit.
  7. Speaking as a former Thumb 5 owner, I completely disagree. The low end was tight but massive, and it growled for days.

    +1 to the Aggie preamp idea. Also, consider swapping the pups for something else - check out all the jazz pup threads for ideas as to what will be fatter than what you have now. Another thing I did with mine was ran it through a W&C Phat Phuk B and into my Aggie Tone Hammer head. Both those things also helped bolster the sound.

    It's a great bass, and there are lots of options to look into without taking radical steps like routing out the body.
  8. Passive mode will almost always have a less full sound, as you are only running off of the pickups and not in conjunction with a preamp.
  9. I rarely use the pre in my thumb always in passave mor me. I have never thought the low end was anemic. That bass thunders with my svt7 and 410hlf