Faulty wiring help for active pickups..

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    I've heard that Cirrus BXP Peavey's sometimes have faulty electronics, due to minor problems such as dry solderjoint or w/e, and I was wondering if anyone could throughly explain to me how to find out if something is wrong electronically. I'm sort of ignorant about electronics, like I know the basic stuff, but I don't know what grounding and shielding and all that stuff is. I mean, I look at the pre-amp circuit board, and there are 4 little white rectangles, and out of each one comes 4 wires, with 16 wires total on the thing. I don't see any of the wires messed up or anything...it all looks fine. How can you tell if there's something wrong? I mean, I just see a bunch of wires...I don't really know what I'm looking at, or looking for.