faux-URB sound with an electric bass

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  1. Has anyone fiddled about with obtaining a reasonably close URB sound from an electric, for recordings, etc?

    The best way i've found so far (and i've tried palm-muting, bridge mutes, etc) was to play and record the bassline at twice the speed and 1 octave up on my fretted Rickenbacker, then MIDI-transpose the recording down an octave (well, depending on what i'm synching the recording to, ~12 semitones).

    Any other ideas out there?
  2. So you play up an octive, and then digitaly bring it down an octive? interesting, i've never tried that. What i've done, and i've been fine with the results was run my bass though a tech 21 bass driver DI, plenty of bass, very little highs, presence all the way down, and mute with your palm at the bridge. Also, i use flat wound strings, this provies a very boomy sound, and a lot like the URB "Thud". I think the best way to do it is get an electric URB, that may be your only hope.
  3. It's a trick I stumbled on once...and works well, but depends on what bass you record the original line with.
    I've tried all my basses, including fretless, but have never achieved the thuddy-boomy-fat sound that I get this way...no doubt a fretless Ric would sound better (obviously bugger-all mwaaah with a fretted number with roundwounds!) :D

    So all I do once the line has been recorded is to pull the recording either into ACiD (and then beatmap it), or push it across to my sampler, and use a keyboard or sequencer to MIDI-bend the sample.

    The EUB way was an idea for a while, but I think I might just have to bite the bullet and go and buy a URB...
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    Have you tried plucking the fretless up ON the fingerboard? I have a theory that the string vibrates differently if plucked on top of the surface, as on an URB. And if you're after more thump/less sustain, raise the action.

    I'm liking the results I get (live, anyway) from my Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator. At least another place to look... and not quite (!) as pricey as an URB.