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Fav. Solo Bass discs at the moment

Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by Marc Decho, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Not sure if this ground's been covered or not, i'd like to know what everyone's fav. solo bass discs are as of right now....

    today i'm diggin' into lots of:

    1-Miroslav Vitous: Emergence (godang' this is so godang' beautiful!)
    2-Dave Holland: Ones All
    3-Dave Holland: Life Cycle
    4-Stefano Scodanibbio: Voyage That Never Ends
    5-Mark Dresser: Unveil
  2. forgot to mention Jonas Tauber's "Storm Walking Singing" a great live disc of some impressionistic solo bass compositions
  3. bass_means_LOW


    Apr 12, 2004
    Las Vegas
    Miroslav's "Emergence" is deep!
    Gary Peacock put a solo LP out maybe 30 years ago-really creative stuff.
    Maybe someone knows what the name of it is.
  4. Anders Jormin - Xieyi - ECM 1762

    This was recorded 17/12/99. ECM cds have arty sleeves that tell you bugger all - something that anoys the hell out of me since having bought into the artist they could give me something more than I could get from just pirating the darn thing. However, this time Anders says:

    "There are songs that touch and deeply affect the heart. Songs that move you, awaken memories and comeback to you time nad time again. Songs whose lyrics and profound musical vitality carry thoughtsand emotions so close to your own hitherto unspoken credo. On this recording I've tried, in my own way, to sing with my instrument some of these songs.

    Here are Scandinavian religious hymns, discerning songs by the late Violetta Parra andn Ornette Coleman, tone poems by Swedish composers Evert Taube and Stefan forssen, a childrens' song and a few cantabile improvisations of my own.

    ... ...

    Someone hsa said, perhaps pretentiously that singing is allowing the divine to pass through you. myself, I want to beleive that an honest wish to convey and share your experisences and visions , using your most personal tools of expression is ... to sing."

    Well, he has picked things personal to him and from his heritage and I think he more than succeeds. This is a great bass player making personal expression through solo bass and I think should be listened to.
  5. Anonymous75966


    Jun 29, 2004
    Marc, you may have already heard of this dude from Toronto:

    Rob Clutton - "Dubious Pleasures"

    Very cool record, well into Scodanibbio / Dresser territory. Rob's a great, really versatile player all around, great guy too. He also plays a giant Prescott that's probably the biggest-sounding bass I've ever heard.

    CD info's at www.rat-drifting.com
  6. Scroller


    Jul 16, 2005
    The Gary Peacock LP is "December Poems" I believe (on ECM)

    some other great solo bass:

    Barre Phillips---Call me When You Get There
    Journal Violone 9

    William Parker---Testimony
    Lifting the Sanctions

    Peter Kowald---Was da ist

    Barry Guy---Fizzles

    Dominic Duval---Nightbird Inventions
  7. Anonymous75966


    Jun 29, 2004
    +1 on Kowald "Was da Ist." That one's all short pieces, sort of one idea per piece, so the whole album plays like a suite, or a catalogue, of extended-technique improv.

    Another one in a similar vein: Fernando Grillo, "Fluvine."

    Awesome records, spent many hours trying to figure their stuff out.
  8. Scroller


    Jul 16, 2005
    Yes. The Kowald disc is an astonishing recording. His sound is thick, huge, and pulverizing. I was lucky enough to see/hear him play live several years ago at an art studio in downtown Los Angeles and the sound was incredible. He would do this deep, subterranean monk-like chanting as he bowed the strings simultaneously. Amazing...
  9. Hey Other, how ya doin' ? yeah I heard Rob Clutton perform at the Guelph Jazz Fest a few weeks back some very interesting stuff indeed, and yeah I was wondering if he was just a tiny guy or had a monster bass! when I met with Dresser he was asking about Rob's stuff....that's one to pick up....and +2 on the Kowald, I got into to that one a while back, there is two movies he's featured in that I still wanna get my hands on, "Off the Road" and "Rising Tones Cross" any of you cats seen these ?
  10. forgot to throw in Renaud Garcia-Fons "Legendes" , man that guy is killer and so fresh on the ears...
  11. Red Mitchell....Home Suite
    Red on bass, piano and vocals.