Favorite Bassist

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  1. Anyone out there has to have one let me know some. Anyone know of some good bands with fairly easy bass lines. I am trying to get my technique better along with my speed so anyone who knows of a cool band let me know, thanks. Also does anyone have some tips for me if I am going to start writing a song of my own...I have written two already but they just don't jump out at me when I am playing them and say wow this song rocks so any pointers please let me know
  2. wutangkillaflea


    Jul 10, 2001
    Pennywise is a very good punk/rock band with fairly easy bass lines.
  3. MXPX is a fairly easy punk band to play. I started off playing them. And since the topic is "Favorite Bassist" i have to call attention to the great Matt Freeman from Rancid. I would bow down to that man. A truly great bass player.