Favorite Live Recordings and DVDs

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    Nov 9, 2001
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    Ok, here's the game.

    You name 3 of your most cherished live albums of any kind as well as 2 of you favorite DVDs of live shows. Then, if you want to, tell why you chose them over the others in your collection. If you buy live CDs and all that mess.

    So here goes...


    1) Queen - Live Killers. Quite simply the best live CD I've heard, even those from my friends collection. Really shows off Freddie's ability to sway audiences with his voice and charisma, as well as the unity of the band.

    2) Rush - Different Stages. Great songs played great live. That's about as good as I can put it. The band alters songs to give new life to them. It's also awesome to hear the fans scream "Hey!" in the breaks towards the end of the Overture from 2112.

    3) Metallica - S&M. Very cool CD. Nice to hear how active Metallica is live, and how the manage to breathe new life into older songs. I love the idea of adding the symphony to hard rock.


    1) Concert for New York City: Quite simply an awesome show...Billy Joel, Clapton, The Who, Sir Paul...and many more...it's really a good show of the attitudes right after the September 11th attacks.

    2) Tribute to Freddie Mercuy DVD: Robert Plant sings "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." What? You're still reading this? Go buy it! Oddly enough, John Deacon's "Another One Bites The Dust" was absent from the set list.

    There are mine...where are yours?
  2. Where did you pick up the Freddie Mercury DVD from? I didn't know it was released on VHS or DVD!!:bassist:
  3. Allrightythen.

    1 - Nick Cave, Live Seeds.
    Check this one out if you even like a single note this guy has played, it's the best live album I've ever heard and one of my favorite records. Cave and the Seeds ripping through twelve tracks on the Henry's Dream tour.

    2 - Bob Marley, Live!
    What can you say? Marley and the Wailers. Awesome grooves and great songs, and has the best version of "No Woman, No Cry" I've heard so far. Just too bad they don't play in A=440, kind of makes it impossible to play along.

    3 - The Who, Live at Leeds.
    The first Who album I got, bought it on a whim. It's great, Entwistle's tone is fabulous and the atmosphere is amazing. And they jam. Alot.

    A - Bruce Springsteen, Live in New York City.
    I get chills every time I hear "The River" and "Lost in the Flood" off this. They cut all the good stuff from the CD and it's not the same at all if you don't see this band in action.

    B - Jeff Buckley, Live in Chicago.
    Worth it just to see "Hallelujah" and "Dream Brother". Amazing concert, it's a real shame Jeff died at such an early age. He was one in a million.
  4. mark beem

    mark beem Wait, how does this song start again??

    Jul 20, 2001
    Alabama, USA
    Rush: Exit, Stage Left

    Queensryche: Operation: Livecrime

    Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live

    Spock's Beard: Dont Try This at Home
  5. Live albums

    King Crimson, Starless and Bible Black. All the tracks except 2, which had minimal overdubs, were recorded live with the applause edited out.

    Phish, A Live One. Really captures the sprit of the band and their live shows. Both sets clock in together at about 2 hours!

    Weather Report, 8:30. Dear God! How can you NOT like this album! It's just perfection!


    King Crimson, Deja VROOOM.

    Just a great video of what the Double Trio were like live. Must have for any Prog fan.

    Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense A good DVD. Each member comes in one song after another, until after the fifth song, the entire band is up and going.
  6. mark beem

    mark beem Wait, how does this song start again??

    Jul 20, 2001
    Alabama, USA
    Oh wow!! I forgot to list this one!! It is a great show!!
  7. CD

    AC/DC Live: Don't know where it was recorded, but I love AC/DC and the album sounds great! Also shows how much Angus is loved by all AC/DC fans!

    Social Distortion - Live At The Roxy: This is the first CD I ever heard from Social Distortion and I fell in love with it! Great sound and a great band all in 1 CD, what else could you ask for?


    Rage Against The Machine: Battle Of Mexico City: HOLY CRAP! This DVD rules!!!! Has the sweetest edited effects added to it, sound quality is superb and RATM just automatically rules!

    Some Mudvayne DVD Obsolex owns: Wow...that is one sweet looking DVD!!! The bass player has the sweetest camera views while he is playing and the crazy body paint they all got on just makes it hella sweet! Sound quality is great, great music and a great band!

    ~ Tyler
  8. Do you seriously not like DVDs or is it the fact that you don't own anything to play them on?

    ~ Tyler
  9. Cds:

    ACDC live - its better than any of their normal albums.

    Rush - Critical Mass - not sure if this is an album or a bootleg, but I like it.

    Metallica symphony - used to love it, so thats good enough for my vote.


    Standing in the shadows of motown - obviously great.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - watched it at a friends so I forget the title, it was good.
  10. I can agree, the cost of them are so much that I just rent them (but not a million times in a row) or get my parents to pay for it, heh.

  11. one of my favorites too :D I love that CD! But id have to say it and Back In Black tie for their greatest CD...but thats my opinion, heh. ~ Tyler
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    Mar 14, 2002
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    Well, exactly my favorite is:

    the new Led Zeppelin DVD (Disc Two especially).

    I was not expecting it to be good because I have "The Song Remains Same" DVD, and it is an absolute joke. They play every song differently, which just ruins their songs (Whole Lotta Love in particular). I heard they were heavily stoned on that night, and I guess that would explain why they suck so bad. My friend says that after 1975, they sucked live because of all the trickery and overdubs JP did in the studio could not be reproduced live, but this DVD disproves that for the most part.

    So I'm really digging this one. You need a decent sound system with surround sound to fully appreciate though. Don't waste your time with just with the TV speakers, as this was mean to be heard in full DTS 5.1 surround. And some of the effects on some of the songs are really cool, like when the guitar pans from the Right surround to the Left surround. Most Live DVDs, on the hand, just have vocal reverberation, and crowd noise in the Surrounds, which is lame; but DVD does that and then some!

    Two reasons enough alone to but this DVD: "Achilles Last Stand," and "The Ocean." I was blown away by "Achilles Last Stand." :eek:
    Much better than than the studio version, if you ask me. And JPJ's bass tone is great on just about every song. I love the organ played by JPJ, and the cool intro to "In the Evening."

    Bottom Line: Highly recommended. This is a must have if you like live performances. Even if you are not a fan of Led Zeppelin, BUY IT! Got it on sale at FYE for $22.99, and worth every penny because there is just 2 discs overflowing with content. There is just so much on here. Extras that feature old B&w BBC footage on the first disk are a major bonus. The Supershow version of "Dazed and Confused" is the best version I ahve heard. :bassist:


    P.S. Also recommended: Roy Orbison "Black & White Night" DVD. Overall, it's ok, but the surround mix is really good. Gotta to love that organ (played by Tom Waits) that unexpectedly appears in Right-surround... You'll jump out of your seat when you hear it! I'm by all means, not a Roy Orbison fan, but bought it after reading an excellent Sound & Vision review.

    And the live version of "Heartbreaker" on the CD version "How the West Was Won" (is that the right name?)is extremely bad, so I don't miss it that much on this DVD...
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    Aug 31, 2002

    I wanna fight you and your family
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    Mar 14, 2002
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    To each his own, my friend, to each his own. My friend who is a huge LZ fan, agrees. I'm not saying it's bad on it's own, but compared to the excellent original studio version, there is no contest. And that's all I have to say.

    "I AM GOD!!!"

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    Mar 14, 2002
    Staten Island, NY
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    Mar 14, 2002
    Staten Island, NY
    Yeah, it's good, but they are a little too bizarre for me. Like that part were he's singing and fiddling with a drum machine... What's the deal with that? I got it after hearing rave reviews (I think one was at www.IGN.com), and was a little disappointed. You really need be diehard fan to like it.

    And the bass player is good, but I'm not sure if she knows what she's doing... Is she supposed to any good? I'm not familiar with her...
  17. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    Don't usually listen to live CD's and DVD's, but I like some stuff from Dream Theater's "Live From New York" DVD, and Tool's "Salival" CD.

    The live version of "A Change of Seasons" is totally better than the original!:D
  18. CrazySean

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    Mar 14, 2002
    Staten Island, NY
    Good to know.

    By the way, have you heard the very long live cover of "no quarter?" (which I believe is on that CD). Very good, indeed.

    Their live cover of "Diary of a Madman/I will always love you" by Ozzy/The Cure, is very good also. Give it a listen if you haven't...

    P.S. How could I forget their live cover of Peach's "You Lied"... It is UNBELIEVABLE! Much better than the original. Because of the very heavy guitar tone, the riff is one of the best heavy metal riffs I've ever heard. Too bad they didn't play it when I last saw them at Radio City; I would loved to have heard it. Still a good show, though.
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    Aug 31, 2002
    Aight, I guess I won't fight you :(

    Do you really think the studio version is better? The solo he does is just sloppy and boring, whereas on the live CD it's sloppy and exciting. It's one of the best pieces of guitar work I've heard.

    I guess it's just one of those things
  20. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB

    Damn right! I've heard all those, and they RULE! It's also good that I'm a bit Kazaa-friendly!:D

    No Quarter RULES, and You Lied is so much better than the original... I don't like the original much to tell you the truth!:D :bassist: