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Favorite on-board preamp

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by RAM, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    What is your favorite on-board preamp? I have limited experience with them and I see the list of good preamps is growing faster than I can keep up with.
  2. I have always been a price driven consumer. I am willing to forfeit the latest and greatest for something cheaper cuz, well...I'm just that kinda guy :)

    Since that's the case, At $79 I really like the Carvin preamp. 9v, 3-band, active/passive, pickup sweep, and some of the best engineered and assembled components you'll find anywhere. I installed one in a friends Samick fretless and the dang thing just came alive! I intend to use them on a couple of projects soon.

    For the other end of the spectrum - the walletbusters - I can certainly recommend the J-Retro or R-Retro from Vintage Bass Trading Company - www.vintagebass.com. I've got one in my J and it's great. More features than a 12 screen theater with a girlfriend impressing $250 bucks required for admission.

    Ultimately though, you won't really know what any particular setup sounds like until it's dropped into YOUR instrument. They will all do something different.
  3. I have a Basslines STC-3p in my Yobias Pro-5 and STC-3mm in my warmoth Jazzman.

    I have a bart HR 5.2 a/p in my carvin BB-70F. In order to replace a failed carvin preamp. The mid control ceased to affect tone, the bass control had it center in a very weird location. Didn't really affect what I consider to be Bass.

    The bart preamp is the preamp in my opinion. But that's for fretless. It's so smooth and powerful. Did I mention powerful? It'll punch a hole in you if you let it.

    But for fretted, that STC-3 (and variations of it) sounds great. Bass control has a good range, treble is best used to cut out or increase finger/fret noise if you want it. Adjust the mid control to bring out a slightly different tone. Pull up on the volume knob, and you bring up a different EQ that's preset by adjusting pots on the preamp. Mid cut and bass boost is dial in-able. It's called the Slap contour, but I ususally barely have the "Up" eq changed from "Down". I just set it so it's a mild mid cut with barely any bass boost. Just allows for slight variation. It's a good tool. Well made / very simple to install. One of mine had a ground soldered in with the signal path though, so took some trouble shooting to get it functioning properly.

    I'd love a christina aguilar OB 3PO (Aggie OBP-3) preamp to try out in something. Looks like it should be a good thing.

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