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Fbass Bn5 3 piece neck

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by funkygeos, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. funkygeos


    Jul 5, 2008
    Anyone experienced this?
    When I'm playing the BN5, moving my thumb up and down along the back of the neck, I can feel the joint line of the 3 piece maple neck (especially the joint between the top and the middle piece).
    Am i the only one having this profile? Or you guys out there having smooth seamless 3 piece neck?
  2. smperry

    smperry Administrator Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Bay Area, CA
    I've owned three F-Basses. I could feel the seems on two of the three. The third, a Studio 5, had a one piece neck. ;) I loved the profile of the F-Bass neck, but was not a fan of feeling the seams. It wasn't a huge deal or anything, but it was there.
  3. Bassconbeatz

    Bassconbeatz Way down low

    Feb 5, 2004
    Porter Ranch, CA
    Mine is totally seamless. It's a 2008 mode with the poly finish, I'm totally loving it. :)
  4. J.Wolf

    J.Wolf Gear Reviewer - Bass Musician Magazine Supporting Member

    Apr 29, 2003
    Asheville, NC
    My AC5 is seamless. I can feel the seam on my BN6, but it doesn't really bother me. I'm just used to it.
  5. DiDi G

    DiDi G

    Dec 7, 2007
    Melb OZ
    I can feel it on my bn6 as well.totally acceptable IMHO.love the profile on every Fbass.sure fun to play it
  6. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    +1 That is something that often happens with a multi-lam neck.

    I greatly prefer a simple flat or quarter sawn maple neck, and have never experienced any advantage in three or more piece necks regarding deadspot reduction, stiffness, or anything else.

    You will get used to it, and it shouldn't be a big deal.
  7. Tapp


    Aug 29, 2001
    USA, Mississippi
    I felt it on my BN5 and I had mine sanded. A local repairman/luthier did it and it turned out fine. It bug'd me but didn't cause any problems.

  8. funkygeos


    Jul 5, 2008
    Hi Kjung,

    Yup, i'm trying to get used to the seams and thanks for the inputs.


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