Fbass BNF5 green ceruse fretless!

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  1. Strange string of events, has this bass in my possession still. And even though I love the bass, I've gotta sell some stuff, and the Benavente ain't leaving me!!

    Wonderful green ceruse fretless Fbass. A couple of little dings in the headstock that can't be seen from over 5 feet away (smaller than a pencil eraser). A small amount of little rash marks on the bottom of the bass as well. Nothing really noticeable, but it's not perfect.

    BUT... this bass has an addition of a piezo system. Sounds great.

    Can't really entertain trades, unless it involves some cash. Can deliver or meet halfway within a few hundred miles.

    $1750 shipped, and paypal accepted.

    I've got lot's of pic's. Just let me know, and I'll email them to you.

    Pic here http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138614&highlight=bnf5
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    Bump for the biker.

    Guys - this is a specimen of quite possibly the greatest fretless of all time. =0) And at just over *half* the price of a new one - I'd have bought it myself if I didn't have this weird aversion to the color green.

    (I did get myself one in a different color after all, though.)
  3. umm... it's not green!!! I think technically it's turquoise. (O.K. it's green!!)
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    I can vouch for this one, it is a sweet bass, very versatile with the piezo, and unusually deep sounding for an Fbass.
  6. What's the Serial Number? I still need a fretless F, and the Caron is still out of my range for now...
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