FBB fretless #028-00 soundsamples

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Peter McFerrin, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. I got bored from reading my professor's East Asian economic development monograph so I decided to do some recordings of my new FBB fretless 4. The specs can be found here; look for #028-00. (#1046-01 is my other bass.)

    The bass is currently strung with Status Hotwires half-wounds, gauges 045-065-085-105. For these clips, the onboard NTBT preamp was disabled. The 3-way pickup coil selector switch selects the following combinations:

    1 (up): Neck coil in parallel with humcanceller
    2 (middle): Neck and bridge coils in parallel
    3 (down): Bridge coil in parallel with humcanceller

    The recording setup is as bare-bones as usual: direct into Sound Recorder, no compression or EQ. There is much less noise than on previous recording efforts due to more intelligent use of pre-gain.

    The first set of clips are a little riff I came up with that is a shameless ripoff of Mick Karn's line on Japan's "Sons of Pioneers" (Tin Drum, 1981).


    The second set of clips are an upper-register solo over the first eight bars of "What Is This Thing Called Love?", played as a bossa. Mind the intonation, please :rolleyes:

  2. SoComSurfing

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    Feb 15, 2002
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    Good sounding bass, there, Peter! I was wanting to hear that one, since I almost chose it over mine (#31-00).
  3. sounds like one sweet axe you got thar. i love that neck coil tone.
  4. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
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    thanks for keepin' the clips small. I can't afford broadband and so often I want to hear people's sound clips but I don't have the patience to dl big 'ol sound clips through a phone line. Sounds good.

    brad cook