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    Fclef Custom Series 4 string jazz bass. Mahogany body, flamed maple top, maple neck, ebony fingerboard. 1.5" nut, 21 frets, 19mm string spacing. Seymour Duncan custom shop single coil pickups, Nordstrand 3 band preamp with tone control. Controls are Volume / Tone stack, Balance, Mids Push / Pull for 2 frequencies, Treble Bass stack. The switch is for active or passive mode. Good weight at 8.9 pounds. Hipshot hardware. Super comfortable to play, thicker front to back neck than a traditional jazz, which I like. Has some nicks here and there, but overall a good condition instrument. Sounds great and plays great. Comes with a nice hard case.

    From what I have looked up, these are either built by Bottom Wave out of Japan, or by Rbass. Either way, it is built with great craftsmanship, wood and components. Any questions please let me know.

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  2. Nice flame!
  3. It's a looker for sure.
  4. I should add that the preamp is not stock. I bought the preamp new recently and did the install. The bass did not have a preamp in it when I got it. It is a 9V pre. Thanks
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    Mar 12, 2012
    These are great! Mine had the greatest tone ever but it weighed a bunch. Sold it for that reason. But this one is light!!
  6. I agree, great bass, one of the best 4 string I've ever played. I'm just more of a 5 string guy.
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