For Sale FEA DE-CL, DOD Carcosa/Boneshaker, TC Noise gate, Elements

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    Mar 8, 2017
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    For Sale:
    FEA DE-CL - 210 Shipped SOLD
    TC Sentry Noise Gate - 95 Shipped SOLD
    DOD Carcosa Fuzz - 70 Shipped SOLD
    DOD Boneshaker - 80 Shipped
    Dr. Scientist the Elements - 145 Shipped

    Most are in LNIB condition, the FEA and the noise gate have Velcro on the back for the pedalboard. The Elements has scuff marks from usage (I bought it used.) Additionally the Elemants is kind of loud in the "high gain" mode, I have no idea if it is supposed to be like this since it is the only one I have used. I generally used it in low gain personally. Besides that all the pedals are functional, but I have been "converted" to the Axe FX for most my work. I'll also have a ad up for my Darkglass 900 in the amp section. I'll throw in a patch cable if I can fit in the box.

    I accept Paypal.

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  2. That FEA shouldn't last long. GLWTS!
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  3. bass40hz

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    Do a bundle deal for the Boneshaker and the Gate? PM me.

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